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Southeast Ohio Softball Coaches

Published 12:00am Monday, June 11, 2001

AP and staff reports

All-District Selections<!—->.

Monday, June 11, 2001

All-District Selections

Division I First Team

Player Team Gr.

Nikki Thacker Logan 12

Mary Taylor Chillicothe 10

Jenni Miller Chillicothe 11

Amanda Downs Logan 12

Division I Second Team

Kira Sparks Logan NA

Kelli Mankin Chillicothe NA

Anna Bowers Marietta NA

Cassie Bradford Marietta NA

Division I Honorable Mention

Jessica Manson Chillicothe 12

Tisha Lehman Logan 11

Kara Vankuiken Marietta 12

Molly Close Marietta 12

Player of the Year

Nikki Thacker, Logan

Coach of the Year

Mark Eschbaugh, Marietta

All-Ohio first team: Thacker.

All-Ohio second team: Taylor.

All-Ohio honorable mention: Miller.

Division II First Team

Player Team Gr.

Carrie Swinderman Sheridan 11

Tara Layne South Point 12

Carrie Lang Warren 12

Brittany Bayless Hillsboro 12

Molly Blankenship Jackson 12

Annie Mark Athens 12

Lauren Hodson Athens 12

Kendra Losey Greenfield 12

Casey Cannon Hillsboro 12

Casey Forgrave Sheridan 12

Christi Stoltz Sheridan 12

Whitney Morrison South Point 12

Sarah Baise South Point 11

Lindsay Hughes Jackson 12

Tiffany Lemon Warren 12

Tia Russell Rock Hill 12

Cassy Chaffins Rock Hill 9

Player of the Year

Carrie Swinderman, Sheridan

Coach of the Year

Jan Keatley, South Point

All-Ohio first team: Swinderman, Layne.

All-Ohio second team: Lang, Bayless.

All-Ohio honorable mention: Blankenship, Mark.

Division II Second Team

Player Team Gr.

Nikki Layne South Point 11

Michelle Detwiller Greenfield 10

Cara Rhonemus West Union 12

Shawnda Caplinger West Union 11

Jamie Scaggs Rock Hill 12

Keshia Rupp Rock Hill 9

Leslie Lyle Sheridan 11

Michelle Mays Hillsboro 11

Tricia Stworts Greenfield 12

Whitney Harless Jackson 9

Kate Harper West Union 10

Heather Call Warren 12

Lindsey Lemon Warren 9

Amy Summers Athens 11

Jennifer Ferguson Jackson 12

Morgan Pence Hillsboro 12

Lindsey Cameron Greenfield 10

Felicia Forres West Union 10

Division III First Team

Player Team Gr.

Heather Bradbury Northwest 12

Courtney Clifford Portsmouth 12

Elyse Claytor Zane Trace 12

Brooke Fisher Fairland 11

Rebecca Bryant New Lexington 12

Katie Gunnoe Ports. West 12

Bethany Dix Unioto 12

Melissa Cielec Ironton 12

Tara Caudill Minford 12

Michelle West Belpre 11

Kristen Huff Chesapeake 12

Nicole Bluebaugh New Lexington 12

Megan Felts Portsmouth 12

Angie Rosshirt Westfall 11

Abby Thomas Wellston 10

Nikki Moore Ports. West 12

Ashley Phipps Northwest 12

Josie Carr Alexander 12

Andrea Moore Federal Hocking 10

Player of the Year

Heather Bradbury, Northwest

Coach of the Year

Todd Brown, New Lexington

All-Ohio first team: Bradbury, Clifford, Claytor.

All-Ohio second team: Fisher, Bryant, Gunnoe.

All-Ohio honorable mention: Dix, Cielec, Caudill.

Division III Second Team

Player Team Gr.

Emily Delimpo Chesapeake 11

Ashley McCloud Ironton 10

Shelly Krieg Zane Trace 10

Melissa Dials Minford 11

Jessie Whitlach Alexander 10

Jennifer Jones Fairland 10

Lisa Lahrmer Oak Hill 11

Natalie Hanson Westfall 10

Candace Tibbs Unioto 12

Leeann Hatten Wellston 12

Jessica Mann Fairland 10

Jessie Adams Belpre 9

Candy Malone Belpre 12

Lacy Hornsby Federal Hocking 12

Sarah Springer Federal Hocking 10

Laura Malone Minford 9

Jackie Cassidy Minford 10

Randi Gilliland Oak Hill 10

Michelle Horner Portsmouth 11

Kendra Hull Portsmouth 11

Division III Honorable Mention

Player Team Gr.

Nikki Brooks Zane Trace 10

Jetta Ell Zane Trace 11

Dusty Cremeans Wellston 11

Beth Lambert Wellston 12

Amy Lump Unioto 10

Erica Moore Oak Hill 9

Megan Moses Oak Hill 11

Brandy Carver Northwest 11

Nikki Mitchell Northwest 12

Jackie Edwards New Lexington 10

Stacey Epifano New Lexington 11

Kim Frasher Fairland 12

Tiffeny Bissell Federal Hocking 10

Shelli White Chesapeake 12

Jessica Rice Chesapeake 12

Candy Malone Belpre 12

Erica Petty Belpre 12

Division IV First Team

Player Team Gr.

Deidra Butcher Hunt. Ross 11

April Haywood South Webster 11

Kristen Chevalier Reedsville 12

Juli Bailey Reedsville 12

Misty Hinkle Crooksville 12

Jennifer Baltzer Waterford 11

Kristi Loomis Crooksville 11

Rachel Jones Hemlock Miller 12

Emily Griffin Trimble 11

Maggie Wainwright Waterford 12

Keren Bell Symmes Valley 11

Kayla Clark South Webster 12

Jessica Mullens Ports. East 11

Christie Thurman White Oak 12

Lisa Jett Hunt. Ross 12

Sarah Wiltshire Ports. East 12

Stacy White South Gallia 12

Rachel Chapman Racine Southern 10

Player of the Year

Deidra Butcher, Huntington Ross

April Haywood, South Webster

Coach of the Year

Pam Douthatt, Reedsville Eastern

All-Ohio first team: Butcher, Haywood.

All-Ohio second team: Chevalier, Bailey.

All-Ohio honorable mention: Hinkle, Baltzer.

Division IV Second Team

Player Team Gr.

Tara Cockrell Paint Valley 12

Kas Lodwick Reedville 9

Ericka Bradley Green 12

Hilary McKenzie Lucasville Valley 11

Jennifer Shanks Western 11

Jeconda Smith Waterford 10

Sandy Powell Reedsville 9

Allory Hooper Trimble 9

Michelle Elliot Crooksville 11

Allison Christman Trimble 11

Katie Wright White Oak 10

Tammy Fryar Racine Southern 12

Jennifer Cline Green 12

Rachel Clark South Webster 11

Tommie Holbrook Symmes Valley 10

Katie Cummings Racine Southern 12

Sarah Conley Ports. East 12

Holly Rinehart Hunt. Ross 12

Division IV Honorable Mention

Player Team Gr.

Heather Rinehart Hunt. Ross 12

Tiffany Hendrix Lucasville Valley 11

Leslie Altier Hemlock Miller 10

Jackie Hauke White Oak 9

Sarah Flannery Ports. East 11

Sara Embrey Crooksville 10

Heidi McDavid Green 11

Hilary Keller Green 11

Trisha Smart Western 10

Alisha Faulkner South Webster 11

Katie Sayre Racine Southern 9

Robin Harrison South Gallia 12

Megan Adkins South Gallia 12

Stephanie Evanick South Gallia 12

Kayla Bowman Symmes Valley 9

Anna Bodmer Symmes Valley 10

Kristen Hill Waterford 11

Amy Mendenhall Paint Valley 10

Mindy Yoe Paint Valley 11

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