Marriage licenses – 6/1/09

Published 10:03am Monday, June 1, 2009

— James Dean Collingsworth, 49, and Brenda Kay Unrue, 55, both of Lawrence County.

— Ryan Michael Black, 21, and Jennifer Rene Roberts, 21, both of Lawrence County.

— Larry Sylvester Smith, 57, and Beverly Carolyn Scott, 59, both of Lawrence County.

— David Ray Chapman, 19, and Shelby Lynn Corbin, 16, both of Lawrence County.

— James Randall Boggs, 27, and Sara Yvonne Pruitt, 29, both of Lawrence County.

— William Blaine Roberts, 70, and Angelina Roberts, 50, both of Lawrence County.

— Zachary David Moore, 22, and Jerica Leigh Morrison, 21, both of Lawrence County.

— Christopher Eugene Kellogg, 21, and Ashley Kristen Barnes, 21, both of Lawrence County.

— Kenneth Perry Holton, 25, of Cabell County, W.Va., and Heather Jasmine Barker, 23, of Lawrence County.

— Richard Lee Sharp, 45, and Carrie Yvonne Cole, 27, both of Lawrence County.

— John Curtis Chaffin, 22, and Cassandra M. Kessick, 18, both of Lawrence County.

— Derrek Lee Cremeans, 22, of Lawrence County and Whitney Lea Higgins, 20, of Cabell County, W.Va.

— Evan Robert Lewis, 30, and Nicole Kendall Eveland, 24, both of Lawrence County.

— Wilbur Tyree Epperly Jr, 58 and Barbara Ann Whitmore, 50, both of Cabell County, W.Va.

— Brian Kent Easthom, 43, of Wayne County, W.Va., and Andrea Dawn Boster, 38, and Cabell County, W.Va.

— Robert Patrick Sias, 25, and Jessica Nicole Legg, 23, both of Lawrence County.

— Richard Allen Langdon, 39, and Cara Rene Finch, 30, both of Lawrence County.

— Kevin Duane Bloomfield, 55, and Crystal Anne Wilson, 46, both of Lawrence County.

— Tim Franklin Mahon, 42, and Lacie Elizabeth Workman, 30, both of Lawrence County.

— Delbert Donald Goad Jr., 35, and Kendra Dawn Depriest, 31, both of Lawrence County.

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