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Community trick or treat dates slated

Published 11:03am Tuesday, October 12, 2010

In a few short weeks, the streets will be filled with witches, ghosts, princesses and the occasional Iron Man.

When they come knocking on your door, be generous with the goodies, because to children, nothing is more precious or valuable than the Reese Cup or Kit-Kat Bar.

Trick or treating can be fun for children as well as adults. Keeping a few safety tips in mind will help everyone to enjoy their Halloween experience.

Area times and dates for trick or treating

Monday, Oct. 25, 2010

• Ironton Safe Trick or Treat: 5:30-7:30 p.m. Ironton City Building

Thursday, Oct. 28, 2010

• Ironton: 6-8 p.m.

• Coal Grove: 6-7 p.m.

• Proctorville: 6-8 p.m.

• Scioto County: 6-7 p.m.

• Hanging Rock: 6-8 p.m.

• Kenova, W.Va.: 5-7 p.m.

• Huntington, W.Va.: 6-8 p.m.

• Ashland, Ky.: 6-7:30 p.m.

• Athalia: To be determined

• Chesapeake: 5:30-7 p.m.

• South Point: 6-7:30 p.m.

Friday, Oct. 29, 2010

• Huntington, W.Va.: 6-8 p.m. Safe Trick or Treat in front of courthouse

Saturday, Oct. 30, 2010

• Russell: 6-8 p.m.

• Flatwoods: 6-8 p.m. Halloween in the Park

Here are some tips for keeping trick or treating safe and fun:

— Trick or treat in groups if possible and always with an adult.

— Plan your route in advance and use familiar neighborhoods. Walk on sidewalks and watch for traffic.

— Carry a flashlight and/or wear reflective clothing.

— Only trick or treat at houses that are well lit.

— Do not enter anyone’s home unless you know them and are with your adult chaperone.

— Obey the curfew set for your community.

— Wear a practical costume and shoes that are easy and comfortable to walk in. Make sure masks are breathable. Also, make sure your costume is flame retardant.

— Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water.

— Never trick or treat on an empty stomach. Eat prior to your outing to stave off candy cravings.

— Do not carry fake swords, guns, knives or similar accessories that look authentic. Make sure they are flexible and cannot harm anyone.

— Carry an extra candy bag in case one breaks or gets too full.

— Always inspect candy under bright lighting. Throw out anything with a broken, torn or punctured wrapper. Also, do not eat homemade treats unless they are from someone you know personally.

— Be courteous and use walkways or driveways to approach homes. Do not trample through yards or gardens.

— Be polite and say “Thank you.”

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