Published 10:21am Monday, April 18, 2011

— John and Nancy Elkins to Debbie L. Horner, trustee of the Michael Horner trust, 2414 S. Fourth St., Ironton, $81,000.

— John and Susan Murphy to Zoe Paige Sly, parcel of land, $12,000.

— Henry E. Walk III to Karen Walk, 2639 S. Eighth St., Ironton, $12,000.

— Om Palmer AKA O’Della Palmer to Terry and Dianne Myers, 107 Fairview Ave., South Point, $121,500

— Kathy Hanshaw and Sandra Kelley to Bobby Skaggs, 1028 Township Road 208, Ironton, $8,000

— Ivalee Earls to Billie Earls, parcel of land, $10,000.

— Beverly Stearns to David and Amanda Roberts, parcel of land, $10,000.

— Glen Dale Holshuh to Charles Ferris, parcel of land, $1,000.

— Loah Rose to Holly Ehirim, 41 Township Road 1153, South Point, $112,000.

— Grover and Naomi McComas to Earl and Tammy Burns, 0 County Road 32, Chesapeake, $6,000.

— Tina M. Mays to Cindy Chinn, 2364 County Road 1, South Point, $100,000.

— Mary and James Chandler to Tracy and Tonya Tolliver, 45 Township Road 1022, South Point, $60,000.

— Cecil H. and Helen Keeney to Connie and Ricky Weber, 96 Private Drive 184, Chesapeake, $87,500.

— David and Mary Gooderham to Louis Wetzel Yates Jr. and Billie Joyce Crank, parcel of land, $36,000.

— HSBC Mortgage Services Inc. to Henry Cooke, 4739 County Road 15, South Point, $49,000.

— Bruner Land Company to William Morris, parcel of land, $16,900.

— Morris E. Rawlins II to Ashley Kellog, Ashley and Christopher Kellog, 1717 S. Fourth St., Ironton, $77,500.

— Larry and Margaret Davis to Wells Fargo Financial 1 Ohio, 2207 South Fourth St., Ironton, $36,467.

— Estate of Terry Bailard to Michael and Patricia Phillips, parcel of land, $22,500.

— Gene S. and Leola K. Brammer to Michael Riggle, 383 County Road 21, Ironton, $110,000.

— Jay Renee Riffe to Hugh and Violet Lusk and Annette Featherstone, 2727 S. Sixth St., Ironton, $23,000.

— Alan and Kiera Siebel to Melissa Sue Spriegel, 2010 S. Seventh St., Ironton, $98,500.

— Stephen and Joyce Fenney to Travis and Kimberly Harden, 8617 County Road 107, Proctorville, $75,000.

— Jack and Judy Thornton to Paul T. Dunfee, 8515 County Road 2, Willow Wood, $89,000.

— Joshua Johnson to R. Francis Properties, 2416 State Route 243, Ironton, $16,500.

— Rebekah Waugh to Louis and Barbara Ellis, $75,000.

— Willis Childers Jr. and Amanda Clonch to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc, $59,400.

— Douglas and Mary Burbach to Federal National Mortgage Association, $65,467.

— U.S. Bank National Association to Anthony Wayne Ferris, 989 Township Raod 235, Proctorville, $40,000.

— James and Teena Cremeans to Robert A. Nance, parcel of land, $5,000.

— Marshall L. Smith, living trust, to Lloyd Baldarin and Teresa Horne, parcel of land, $29,685

— Coss Ford Jr. to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 914 Adams St., Ironton, $12,867

— Wesbanco Inc. to Kellico Inc., 1411 S Ninth St., Ironton, $1,400.

— Leslie and Tara Boggs to First United Methodist Church, Fifth and Railroad St., Ironton, $49,045.

— Eric Meadows and Melissa Knipp to Citi Financial Inc, 161 Township Road 332, Ironton, $66,335.50.

— Gary Nance to Wells Fargo Bank as trustee, 735 Marion Pike, Ironton, $48,323

— Cynthia McArthur to U.S. Bank, 3699 State Route 93, Ironton, $28,500.

— Michael and Rebecca Jenkins to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Association, 107 Township Road 203 W., Ironton, $37,950.

— Shanna Cooke to Federal Home Loan Corporation, 15911 State Route 93, Pedro, $46,262.

— Tracy Walters to Federal National Mortgage Association, 101 Fitzpatrick Commons, South Point, $159, 279.

— Tony Lee Hopper to Michael and Gloria Hopper, Michael Hopper life estate, 100 Stewart Drive, Hanging Rock, $28,000.

— JDH Properties LLC to Richard and Mary Mannon, 9160 State Route 378, Willow Wood, $119,000.

— Glenna Gillman to Dava LLC, parcel of land, $28,000.

— Brenda Triplett to Donald R. Fitzpatrick, parcel of land, $57,750

— Federal National Mortgage Association to Brandon Gerald, 268 Township Road 111, Ironton, $48,000.

— McGinnis Inc to Lawrence County Economic Development Corporation, parcel of land, $777,000

— Stanley and Lynn Patterson to Lon Keith Patterson, parcel of land, $0.

— Ralph Nelson to Kimie and Kelly Cremeans, 1417 County Road 115, Chesapeake, $190,000.

— Vanderbilt Mtg and Finance Inc to Beverly Stearns, 700 Township Road 90, Scottown, $37,000.

— Gary C. Adams to Faith E. Adams, parcel of land, $85,000.

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