A few students wait in front of Ironton High School Tuesday morning for rides home after the school was shut down because of a bomb threat.

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Arrest made in bomb threat

Published 9:40am Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Officials have arrested a 12-year-old student for allegedly threatening to blow up Ironton Elementary School Tuesday morning.

The suspect is a sixth grader at Ironton Middle School, Ironton Police Chief Jim Carey said.

The boy, who officials did not name because of his age, was arrested around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday and taken to a group home. He is charged with tampering with evidence and inducing panic, Carey said.

School officials received the threat around 7:49 a.m. Tuesday. All of the schools were emptied at 11 a.m. following the threat.

“We take every threat seriously and we thought there may be some validity to this one. So we evacuated the school,” Superintendent Dean Nance said.

The school system worked with the Ironton Police Department, Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office, Ironton Fire Department, FBI, Ohio State Highway Patrol, who also brought in bomb-sniffing dogs, and the Department of Homeland Security to investigate the situation.

No explosives were found.

A few students wait in front of Ironton High School Tuesday morning for rides home after the school was shut down because of a bomb threat.

Carey said AT&T gave officials the phone number that the call originated from. The FBI in Portsmouth was able to trace the number to a cell phone in Louisiana. FBI officials in Louisiana were ultimately able to link the phone to the student, Carey said.

“When someone does that there is the potential to being caught,” the police chief said. Carey commended Nance for making the call to dismiss school early. The school district staff and the law enforcement agencies worked well together to handle the situation, Carey said.

“I was rather impressed,” he said.

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  • HighwayPatrol

    I hate to say this but if this had been the court house, federal building or any business place an immediate evacuation would have been put in place. Why the not the schools? I sure hope it was for the reasons that DIGI suggested, but it darn well sounds that way. They need to made to clarify why. Like anything else GOOD LUCK.

    (Report comment)

  • SoundByte

    When it comes to my children I am unimpressed and frankly outraged. My youngest catches the bus at app 7:30 and my oldest at 7:50-8 am. One I would have kept home and the youngest I would have retrieved immediately. One neighbor was even told they would not allow her to come pick up her child at all. I find it inexcusable to have kept all of those children there for so long. Can’t say couldn’t as we all know of the automated messaging system in use. You kept my child at risk and I find you lack of immediate evac of my children inexcusable!

    (Report comment)

  • Digi

    Why did they wait 3 hours before evacuating? Wanted to get credit for going to school that day so it didn’t bump into snow days?

    (Report comment)

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