News of Record – 9/19/11

Published 9:35am Monday, September 19, 2011

Lawsuits filed

— Branch Banking and Trust vs. Earl Turley, et al, foreclosure.

— Sandra Reffitt vs. M&G Triplett, et al, plaintiff alleges neighbor’s unsanitary property conditions affecting her health and safety and value of her property, seeks an amount in excess of $25,000 plus costs and other relief.

— Charles D. Saunders and Mary Ann Saunders vs. Grange Mutual Casualty Co., plaintiff seeks right to full property damages as result of accident with underinsured motorist.

— Citimortgage vs. Clarence Buddy Whitt, foreclosure.

— Capital One vs. Travis B. Wheeler, $2,893.77 plus interest and costs.

Marriage licenses

— Neal Scott Taylor Jr., 22, and Heather Rene Bickers, 22, both of Lawrence County.

— David Franklin Hammond, 22, and Kayla Elizabeth Roberts, 19, both of Greenup County, Ky.

— Michael Ray Short, 42, of Lawrence County, and Miranda Lee Chaffin, 29, of Cabell County, W.Va.

— Sean Paul Wilson, 40, and Kevyn Leigh West, 31, both of Lawrence County.

— Stephen Andrew Hawthorne, 21, and Meredith Annette Legg, 21, both of Lawrence County.

— Ryan Lee Thomas, 21, of Boyd County, Ky., and Courtni Rae Childers, 20, of Lawrence County.

— Kenneth James Bracken, 64, and Kimberly Dawn Dobbins, 45, both of Dakota County, Minn.

— Evan John Melnick, 66, of Greenup County, Ky., and Julia Elizabeth Malone, 55, of Lawrence County.

Property transfers

— Matthew Fannin and Kelly Fannin to Zachary and Tabitha Hankins, Union Township, $130,500.

— Georgetta Johnson to Pamela and Edward Harmon, Perry Township, $124,000.

— Aaron Collins to Joshua Stallard, city of Ironton, $81,000.

— Marcella Fisher to Chad Carty, city of Ironton, $40,000.

— Alan and Lynn Walsh to Karen Walk and Ray Blevins, Elizabeth Township, $106,000.

— Ralph Branham to Tonya Abrams, city of Ironton, $5,000.

— Bank of New York to Lowell Murdock, city of Ironton, $48,500.

— John and Phyllis Napier to Raymond and Gloria Pennington, Symmes Township, $15,000.

— Estate of Mary Pleasant to James Sudderth, city of Ironton, $30,000.

— Freda Stafford to Troy D. Bentley, Perry Township, $15,000.

— Adam R. Wade to Keri B. Redmond, village of Coal Grove, $85,000.

— Jacqueline Holton to James Holton, Lawrence Township, $1,000.

— Sherri Hunter to Chris Destocki, village of South Point, $75,000.

— Fannie Mae to Kendall Staggs, Union Township, $12,500.

— PNC Bank National Association to Carol Gillispie, et al, Rome Township, $26,000.

— Kathy Holderby, et al, to Kimberly Lewis, city of Ironton, $95,500.

— Thomas Sanders to Fred Sisler Jr., Upper Township, $75,000.

— Maureen Stitt to Jennifer Haskins, Rome Township, $119,000.

— Estate of Alma Lou Hardy to Brent and Darla Holschuh, Union Township, $11,000.

— Fred Sisler Jr., to Jason Barker, Hamilton Township, $80,000.

— Ronald Eugene Davis, et al, to Charles Aaron Davis, city of Ironton, $76,000.

— David and Sue Brammer to Donald Ray Fitzpatrick Sr., Fayette Township, $15,000.

— Freddie L. Hayes and Danny J. Holschuh to Murphy Oil USA, Fayette Township, $641,300.

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