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Are we prepared for ‘season of giving?’

Published 12:00am Sunday, November 27, 2011

Although many of us may still be feeling the effects of turkey overload, Thanksgiving has passed for yet another year.

That means the “giving season” — not to be confused with the shopping season — is in full effect.

It also means that the agencies that lend a hand to those in need are facing their busiest time of the year.

From food pantries to charities to churches, all the community organizations that work to provide necessities to the less fortunate could use some help this time of year.

Under our current economic climate, it may be more important than ever as most agencies are reporting that the need is greater this year than many in recent memory.

It is far too easy to get caught up in the commercialized frenzy of Black Friday and Green Saturday or Mauve Monday or whatever other promotional incentive that retailers cook up. The “season of giving” should be about far more than finding the latest high-tech widget or trendy fashion item.

Maybe the perfect gift is a bag of canned food at the local food pantry. Or maybe it is a local gift card given to a charitable organization. Or maybe it is “adopting” a child for this holiday and ensuring they have many of the things we take for granted like a warm coat, gloves and a hat.

There are so many organizations doing great things this time of the year. It would be impossible to name them all but we have been trying to feature many of them in The Tribune and will continue to do so in coming days and weeks.

But, I am also making a commitment to look at myself in the mirror and ask: “Are you truly honoring the season and giving to those in need?”

My family has always tried to do some, but maybe we can do a little more this year, even if it means we have to make some sacrifices of our own.

That is what we hope to accomplish this holiday “season.”


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    Really great reminder Mike. Thanks for sharing. Good article. :)

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