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Published 9:44am Monday, December 26, 2011

Lawsuits filed

— GE Money Bank vs. Lisa Runnels, $2,559.01 plus costs and other relief.

— CACH LLC vs. Donald L. Craft, $7,985.87 plus costs and other relief.

— Deborah Wallace vs. Wal-Mart Associates, d.b.a. as Sam’s Club, plaintiff alleges wrongful dismissal under Americans With Disabilities Act.

— J. Lenny McClary and Edward J. McClary vs. Edward J. Robbins and Strickland Logging, plaintiff seeks $28,098 in compensatory damages and $50,000 in punitive damages for damage to property.

— Babk of New York Mellon vs. Debra Massie, foreclosure.

— Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. Joseph Allen Brumfield, et al, foreclosure.

— Cavalry SPVI vs. Gerald Weddle, $4,694.37 plus costs and other relief.

— Citimortgage vs. Bruce Terry, et al, foreclosure.

— Capital One Bank to Britani Sites, 4739.11 plus costs and other relief.

— Hester McCormick vs. David Miller, $7,000 plus costs and other relief.

— Bank of America vs. Timothy Daniels, et al, foreclosure.



— Sonny Avery vs. Beth Avery.

— Thomas Brewster vs. Valerie Brewster.

— Janette Bays Havel vs. John Havel.

— Bethany Pinkerman vs. Nathan Pinkerman.

— Nelson T. Toney and Kendra M. Toney.

— Tomi N. Shope vs. Jonathan L. Shope.


Marriage licenses

— Larry Franklin Henry, 43, and Shonnie Lee Butler, 40, both of Lawrence County.

— Benjamin Gene Clark, 29, and Katherin Jorell Salmon, 22, both of Lawrence County.

— William Jesse Swiger, 28, and Amanda Mariann Shoemaker, 20, both of Lawrence County.

— Rusty Tyler Smith, 19, and Jennifer Anne Wilson, 21, both of Lawrence County.


Property transfers

— Harold and Marion Finley to Finley Brothers, Inc., Fayette Township, $28,677.22.

— Nancy Drake and Kenneth Drake to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Assn., Fayette Township, $44,400.

— Matthew Spencer to US Bank, city of Ironton, $23,400.

— James D. Craft to HSBC Mortgage Services, village of South Point and Perry Township, $33,000.

— Shawna Southers to Midfirst Bank, Fayette Township, $157,740.

— Charles Artrip and Colena Artrip to Huntington Federal Savings Bank, Windsor Township, $25,400.

— Richard and Teresa Shepard to Guyan Holding LLC, Union Township, $58,363.65

— Vonda Fritz to Wells Fargo Bank, village of South Point, $90,850.

— Thomas Jr. and Virginia Shepherd to Carl E. Sheets, Aid Township, $103,040.

— John W. Foster and Wilhemmena Foster to Wells Fargo Bank, city of Ironton, $30,467.

— William Joseph and Lisa Dawn Holton to Christopher Box Jr., and Erica Box, Lawrence Township, $72,000.

— James Craig and Jody L. Christian to Melissa Morgan, et al, Rome Township, $145,000.

— Donald H. Shumway to Donald and Melinda Bodmer, city of Ironton, $69,000.

— John W. and Faye Huff to Old Engineer’s Property, city of Ironton, $100,000.

— Jeffrey A. Stitt to Charles and Stacy Miller, village of South Point, $150,000.

— Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Gregg Love, Union Township, $6,500.

— Gregg Love to Blue Surf LLC, Union Township, $6,500.




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