Published 9:20am Monday, January 2, 2012

— Nancy Spears to Elvis and Melissa Keathley, Perry Township, $5,000.

— Leslie and Linda Hamlin to Luanne Holland, Rome Township, $32,500.

— Randall Alberts to David Bocook, Fayette Township, $26,600.

— George A. Rice to Johnny Sergent, Elizabeth Township, $2,600.

— Joseph L. and Martha Warfield to Samuel Lee Hall Jer., et al village of Coal Grove, $21,000.

— Fannie Mae to Samantha Ward, village of Chesapeake, $35,050.

— Verna Mae Sloan to Matthew Sloan and Kelli Sloan, city of Ironton, $31,680.

— Gary Baise to Steven Chatterton, Union Township, $27,000.

— Nancy Thompson Nicholich to Regina A. Hoffman, city of Ironton, $140,000.

— Charles cellar and Stacey Cellar to Steven Elswick, city of Ironton, $108,500.

— Paul and Linda Herrell to James and Sara Gore, Aid Township, $17,000.

— Jaclyn Jackson to H. Joann Swain, Lawrence Township, $11,000.

— Larry and Karen Miller to Charles Self, Mason Township, $7,000.

— Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Joshua and Amber Townsend, Elizabeth Township, $116,000.

— Larry and Vesta Floyd to Jeffrey White, Union Township, $109,000.

— Frank G. Mills, trustee and Juanita Mills, to Jack and Lahoma Wilson, Rome Township, $185,000.

— Estate of John Franklin Nemeth to Kendrall Waller, Union Township, $100,000.

— Stephanie Martinez to Raymond and Cindy Jenkins, Perry Township, $40,000.

Jeremy Wagner and April Wagner to Josephine Dillard life estate of Nellie Brewster, village of South Point, $110,000.

— Beatrice Crans to Jack Tolliver, Rome Township, $200,000.

— Estate of Amos Thomas to Kathy Datzenberger, city of Ironton, $12,500.

— Franklin and Angela Norris to Aaron and Linda Collins, city of Ironton, $110,000.

— Estate of Willard Kiser to St. Mary’s Medical Center, city of Ironton, $78,000.

— Sharon Wortham, successor to trustee of Maxine Edwards Living Trust to Paul and Beverly Hart, village of Chesapeake, $42,000.

— William and Karen Moore to John and Krystal Willis, Union Township, $185,000.

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