News of Record — 2/13/12

Published 10:17am Monday, February 13, 2012

Lawsuits filed

— Green Tree Servicing vs. Allen Gussler, et al, foreclosure.

— City National Bank vs. Estate of Willis Cline, et al, $48,035.87 plus costs and other relief.

— Michelle Kirby, executor for the estate of Arthur Kirby, vs. Rena Skeens and Progressive Insurance, plaintiff seeks an amount in excess of $25,000 for injuries sustained in auto accident.

— Nicholas Financial vs. Shawn Boothe, $13,099.88 plus costs and other relief.

— Livingston Financial vs. Clarence Hannon, $14,366.86 plus costs and other relief.

— Cincinnati Capital Corp. vs. 4-C Realty, et al, foreclosure.

— Bank of America vs. Lisa Elliott, et al, foreclosure.

— Capital One Bank vs. David Adkins,, $1,412.28 plus costs and other relief.

— Brittany Daniels vs. Melvin Yapp, plaintiff seeks an amount in excess of $25,000 for injuries sustained in car accident.

— Bank of America vs. Michael Childers, et al, foreclosure.

— Fifth Third Mortgage vs. G. Michael Carroll, et al, foreclosure.

— Advantage Bank vs. Billy Turley, et al, foreclosure.

— Inez Deposit Bank vs. unknown administrators, heirs, et al of Dorothy Jenkins, deceased, $40, 392.18 plus costs and other relief.

— Raceland Auto Mart vs. William and Jodi Nichols, $4,652.91 plus costs and other relief.

— Capital One Bank vs. Terry F. Francis, $3,343.99 plus costs and other relief.

— Capital One Bank vs. Paul E. Nelson, $3,189.24 plus costs and other relief.



— Samuel Williams and Nitasha Williams.


Divorces filed

— Jennifer Nicole Webb vs. Jeffrey Webb.

— Allison Benson vs. John Benson.

— Johnny Stapleton Jr. vs. Tiffany Stapleton.

— Beverly Brown vs. Johnny Brown.

— Julie Ann Nelson vs. Ryan Anthony Nelson.

— Sharon Davis vs. Robert Davis.

— Nicholas Chinn vs. Kimberly Chinn.

— Jeffrey Barrett vs. Brenda Barrett.

— Frankie Benson vs. Jon Benson.


Property transfers

— Eva Jewell Corvin to Tara and Clayton Wagner, village of Coal Grove, $7,500.

— Ezra Wiley to Ireland and Joyce Wiley, village of Proctorville, $4,510.

— Peggy May Perkins, et al, to Jeffrey and Jacqueline Hutchinson, Union Township, $65,000.

— Daniel Boster Life Estate to Ann Slone, Union Township, $500.

— Daniel Boster Life Estate to Ann Slone, Union Township, $1,000.

— Ollie Lee Roseberry to Jill Dean, city of Ironton, $1,436.58

— Doris Ann Craddolph to Allen R. Harper, Washington Township, $1,000.

— Mark and Tammy Bollinger to Jason and Alexandria Brown, city of Ironton, $61,250.

— Donald and Mary Triplett to Frederick and Mary Aylsworth, village of South Point, $230,000.

— Gregory Collins, et al, to Joseph and Rita Isaac, city of Ironton, $140,000.

— Bill Allen Properties to James and Angela Dillon, Lawrence Township, $25,000.

— Sandra Neal, trustee, to Ralph and Althea Crawford, Aid Township, $25,000.

— Rhonda Petit to Brent Freeman, Fayette Township, $130,000.

— Philip Martin and Helen Martin to Emory Markel Jr. and Iva L. Erwin, Perry Township, $112,500.

— Darrell Eugene Blake Jr. to Tony and Wendy Boster, Union Township, $15,000.

— Eric Tucker and Tamara Hayman to Christopher and Chasity Martinez, Union Township $245,000.

— Tipu Faiz M. Saleem and Saba Fais to Thomas and Julie Klein, Rome Township, $280,000.

— HSBC Mortgage to Terry and Vickie Wagner, Perry Township, $20,000.

— Shawn Snyder and Andrea Snyder to John H. Jenkins, Fayette Township, $230,000.

— Heather Main Black to Mary Reib, Perry Township, $85,500.

— Phyllis A. Harper to Hi’er Av, Inc., City of Ironton, $10,000.



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