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Portsmouth man pleads guilty in mobile meth lab case

Published 10:11am Thursday, April 12, 2012


A Portsmouth man will spend the next eight years in prison for his involvement in a mobile meth lab,

Danny Brown, 43, of 2121 Vermont Ave., pleaded guilty and was sentenced Tuesday in Lawrence County Common Pleas Court.

Brown was charged with first-degree illegal manufacturing of drugs, second-degree illegal assembly or possession of chemicals for the manufacturing of drugs and fifth-degree possession of criminal tools.

Brown, as well as three co-defendants in the case, Randy Stevens, 42, of 1220 North Ave., Portsmouth, Charles Bond II, 49, of 486 Hammerstein Road, Lot 110, Wheelersburg and Charles Price, 40, also of 2121 Vermont Ave., were stopped by a Hanging Rock police officer in late February.

The officer said he noticed things about the vehicle he thought were suspicious. A search of the truck allegedly confirmed the officer’s suspicions and the four men were arrested.

In other cases:

• Roger Meadows, 34, of 3826 Stanton Ave., New Boston, pleaded guilty to third-degree having a weapon while under a disability.

A second count of improper discharge of firearms into a habitation or school safety zone was dismissed in agreement for the guilty plea, said Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Jeff Smith.

“I’m sorry to waste your time,” Meadows said before sentencing.

Judge Charles Cooper sentenced Meadows to three years in prison and ordered him to pay his court costs.

Meadow’s attorney, Mike Gleichauf, asked Cooper to grant his client credit for time served in jail since Feb. 11.

• Bobby B. Effingham, 40, of 403 Fourth St. East, Apt. 19, South Point, was arraigned on one count of failure to comply with order or signal of a police officer.

Effingham pleaded not guilty though his attorney J.T. Holt.

Cooper continued bond from a lower court.

• Joshua A. Johnson, 24, of 1854 Enslow Ave., Huntington, W.Va., denied a community-controlled sanctions violation through his attorney Mike Gleichauf.

Cooper schedule a trial for April 18.


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  • Poor Richard

    Nasty, disgusting people.
    I am curious about that motel in South Point Ohio that seems to have turned into an apartment building hide away for even more nasty people. Is that legal for a motel to be renting rooms like apartments? Could there be children living in the motel rooms with adults? Could there be meth labs? I think law enforcement should do a sweep of that place and collect license plate numbers, run them, and see what crawls out of the motel. That place is disgusting! Don’t motels have certain state regulations they are suppose to follow, particularly involving state building codes???? If law enforcement gets calls there all the time can the motel be taken using civil forfeiture? Hello, is there anybody out there?

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