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Lawrence County Homemakers Club celebrates 69th annual achievement day

Published 11:24am Wednesday, April 18, 2012



PROCTORVILLE — The theme of the Lawrence County Homemakers’ achievement day was simple: “How does your garden grow?”

Guest speaker John Allman, owner of the Village Floral and Gift Shop in Proctorville, gave advice to the 40 people in attendance on maintaining healthy flowers. Allman fielded questions during a presentation where he made a flower arrangement.

The arrangement was given away to Phyllis York, club member, who won a drawing at the end of the presentation. Allman also gave away four small candles. Club members Esther Ferguson, Jackie Killen, Ann Lemley and Donna Caperton were the lucky recipients.

The festivities were not all purely celebratory as the club held a memorial service for Leni Roche, Joyce Annie Anderson and Jeanette Vance.

“These ladies were a very important part of our lives,” Anne Dobbins, club publicity official, said. “It’s sad we have to have this memorial but it’s a nice memorial.”

A candle was lit for each person as a special remembrance tribute.

“We know that they have gone on to their reward,” Dobbins said.

At the end of the festivities, a catered lunch was provided to the club members.


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