News of Record — 2/23/12

Published 9:37am Monday, April 23, 2012


— PNC Bank vs. Robert and Virginia Haas, foreclosure.

— Bruner land Co. vs. Greg A. Shaw, et al, foreclosure.

— Rick A. McKnight Jr. vs. Jean C. Daniels, et al, plaintiff seeks an amount in excess of $25,000 for injuries sustained in auto accident.

— Bank of America vs. Carol K. Stewart, et al, foreclosure.

— J.P.Morgan Chase Bank vs. Oscar Buchanan-Garcia, foreclosure.

— J. P. Morgan Chase Bank vs. Sterling Edward Blair, foreclosure.

— Green Tree Servicing vs. Desmond Friend, et al, $24,325.62 plus costs and other relief.

— R.W. Sutterlin Building Co. vs. Cleveland Construction Inc., breach of contract, amount in excess of $100,000.

— Grange Mutual vs. Anthony Cooper, 4,208 plus costs and other relief.

— Lenmark Financial Services vs. Curtis Messer, et al, $2,871.60 plus costs and other relief.

— Bank of New York Mellon vs. Dale Fuller, foreclosure.

— J.P. Morgan Chase Bank vs. Norman R. Nance, foreclosure.

— Bayview Loan Servicing vs. Deborah Mentz, et al, foreclosure.

— Fifth Third Mortgage vs. William Thorton, foreclosure.



— Deborah Cotcamp vs. Christopher Cotcamp.

— Scott Mayes vs. Toya Mayes.

— Sondra D. Paulus and Richard E. Paulus MD.

— Lisa Butler vs. Paul Butler Jr.


Property transfers

— Eric Hensley to Cora Soencer, Fayette Township, $36,000.

— William Boykin Jr., to Glenn Brickey, city of Ironton, $5,000.

— Melinda and Thomas Couper to randy and Kathy Kelley, Elizabeth Township, $300,00.

— Bruner land Co. to Nelson and Ruth Finley, Washington Township, $129,000.

— Jerry and Glenna Kouns to Citizens National Bank, Perry Township, $389,000.

— Jerrod Brown and Amanda Akers to Federal National Mortgage Assn., Perry Township, $48,000.

— Helen Shoe to Jeremy Shore, Perry Township $74,440.

— James Holton, et al, to Gary and Patti Willis, Lawrence Township, $4,000.

— Martha Cooper to Charles and Cheryl Roach, Perry Township, $25,000.

— Howard Randall napier II and Alecia Napier to Nathan and Kayla Adkins, Union Township, $117,500.

— Eddie Williams to Anthony and Betty Merritt, Decatur Township, $15,000.

— Amy Adkins to Tivis and Myrtle Alley, Village of South Point, $16,000.

— George Nicely to Alvin Lewis, Windsor Township, $4,000.

— Huntington Federal Savings Bank to James and Debbie Hayes, Windsor Township, $12,500.

— Annette Kidd and Timothy Kidd to McGuire Consolidated Properties LLC, Union Township, $92,500.

— Herman and Elizabeth Perry to Sarah Musgrave, Proctorville, $105,500.

— U.S. bank to Chelsea Harris, Union Township, $112,000.

— Roger and Rita Drummond to Rupert and Sherry Allman, village of South Point, $25,000.

— James A. Butcher, et al, to Philip and Linda Hackworth, Union and Fayette townships, $30,000.

— Heather Lang to Casey Kerns, Village of Proctorville, $76,000.

— Carrie B. Adkins to Ronald and Linda Maynard, Union Township, $178,500.

— Christopher and Thomasina Majher to Amanda and Lorena Smith, Village of South Point, $205,000,

— Glenna Nance, et al, to Trudi Ball, Perry Township, $48,000.

— Floyd Lucas, single, to Barbara Smith, Rome Township, $15,000.

— Ice Creek Land Co. to John Todd and Christie Davis, $60,000.

— Larry and Zona Strickland to Charles and Angela Freeman, Washington Township, $12,500. Charles Belcher, et al, to Daniel K. Reynolds, Perry Township, $68,500.

— Comer and Ella Morgan to Gerald and Amy Ferguson, Lawrence Township, $6,500.

— Lawrence Economic Development Corp., to RW Rentals and Supply, village of South Point, $317,977.

— DJ Ashworth Inc., to Grandview Retail Stores, Perry Township, $250,000.

— Ronald Stapleton to Citifinancial, Windsor Township, $38,200.

— Tawnya Tackett to Flagstar Bank, Perry Township, $41,400.

— Darrell Legg, et al, Union Township and village of Proctorville, $30,000.

— Nelson Roller II and Karen Laber to Federal National Mortgage Assn., Lawrence Township, $129,435.

— Randall Hughes and Kim Hughes to William Christy IV, Perry Township, $131,000.

— Buckeye Dawg Properties to Christy Shafer, Union Township and Village of Proctorville, $60,000.

— Annis L. Payton to St. Mary’s Medical Center, City of Ironton, $215,000.

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