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Southeast Ohio Softball Coaches’ All-District All-Star Teams

Published 12:39am Friday, June 8, 2012

Ohio Southeast District

Softball Coaches All-Star Team

Division I

First Team

Player (school) Gr.

Brooke Simmons, Logan 12

Rylee Bouillion, Chillicothe 11

Second Team

Faith Freeman, Logan 9

Brianna Danes, Chillicothe 9

Honorable Mention

Morgan Robinette, Logan 10

Emily Figgins, Logan 12

Jordan Webb, Chillicothe 12

Chinna Smitley, Chillicothe 10

Player of the Year: Brooke Simmons, Logan

Coach of the Year: Greg Phillips, Chillicothe

Division II

First Team

Player (school) Gr.

Erin Bane, Unioto 12

Jenna Perie, McClain 1

Brook Baker, New Lexington 11

Heather Ward, Gallipolis 12

Taylor Saxton, Logan Elm 11

Maggie Mancini, Circleville 12

Courtney Hanna, Fairfield Union 11

Kari Jenkins, Jackson 11

Abby Pomento, Athens 12

Gina Wright, Unioto 9

Arianna Mabra, Miami Trace 10

Kara Carpenter, Marietta 11

Kayla Riffe, Waverly 10

Mattie Lanham, Gallipolis 12

Mandy Grambo, Logan Elm 10

Cierra Landrum, McClain 12

Sara Lentz, Wash. Court House NA

Second Team

Rachel Murnahan, South Point 12

Maria Holbrook, Sheridan 12

Lindsay Ward, Waverly 12

Ally Foreman, New Lexington 11

Morgan Conrad, Logan Elm 10

Jamee Park, Vinton County 10

Darbi Brewer, Circleville 9

Tara Williams, Circleville 10

Tiarra Perkins, Miami Trace 12

Katie Depugh, Wash. Court House 12

Taylor Moberly, Hillsboro 11

Loryn Competti, Fairfield Union 12

Shania Massie, McClain 9

Jessica Webb, Jackson 12

Olivia Harris, Athens 9

Hope Bondurant, Fairfield Union 11

Sydney Grooms, Miami Trace 11

Courtney Plaisted, Sheridan 11

Honorable Mention

Andrea Keinman, South Point 10

Abbey Winkler, South Point 9

Ashtin Womeldorf, Vinton Co. 10

Cheyanna Johnson, Vinton Co. 12

Shayna Thomas, Vinton Co. 10

Rachel Morris, Gallipolis 12

Maggie Westfall, Gallipolis 10

Maddey Trainer, Unioto 11

Ashley Flautt, Unioto 11

Maddie Farrar, Marietta 11

Maggie Harrison, Marietta 12

Bree Seever, Marietta 12

Jensen Oberholzer, Jackson 10

Kacee Jenkins, Jackson 9

Kate Crabtree, McClain 12

Kylie Cisco, Fairfeild Union 10

Paige Gardner, Logan Elm 12

Olivia Hoon, Athens 9

Haley Bissell, Athens 9

Tatum Brown, New Lexington 9

Sydney Wycinski, New Lexington 11

Taylor Shears, Wash. Court House 12

Kristen Hayes, Wash. Court House 11

Kelsey Mays, Waverly 11

Lauren Streitenberger, Waverly 11

Nivea Wilson, Miami Trace 11

Whitney Bobo, Sheridan 11

Sara Crist, Sherdian 11

Abbee Crabtree, Circleville 11

Player of the Year: Erin Bane, Unioto

Coach of the Year: Jarrod Haines, McClain


Division III

First Team

Player (school) Gr.

Rebekkah Potter, Ironton 11

Chelsea Harper, Rock Hill 12

Jaimie Phillips, Fairland 11

Braiden Dillow, Lucasville Valley 12

Kelsey Conkey, Minford 10

Brooke Cooper, Lucasville Valley 11

Maria Johnson, Eastern Brown 11

Gina Rosshirt, Westfall 12

Morgan Geno, Zane Trace 9

Taylor Dempsey, Wheelersburg 9

Hayleigh Swayne, Piketon 11

Peighton Williams, Portsmouth 9

Kayla Koch, Lucasville Valley 10

Tess Phelps, Meigs 11

Kaylee Koker, Alexander 11

Alyna Lytle, Huntington Ross 9

Taelor Folden, Wellston 11

Logan Bowdie, Adena 11

Kayla Webb, Portsmouth West 11

Second Team

Morgan Damron, Rock Hill 12

Sarah Rice, Chesapeake 12

Chandler Fulks, Fairland 10

Kelsey Grove, Coal Grove 10

Alex Ridout, Portsmouth Wet 10

Alex Kuhn, Oak Hill 11

Joann Saultz, Zane Trace 11

Rachel Moos, Northwest 12

Chelsey Copley, River Valley 9

Rachel Blair, Wheelersburg 10

Kayla Tackett, Westfall 10

Jada Jenkins, Portsmouth 9

Abby Welch, Portsmouth West 11

Alissa Hook, Nelsonville-York 11

Alyssa Dawson, Adena 11

Elizabeth Brisler, Minford 11

Kayla Seigla, Eastern Brown 9

Shanea Long, Wellston 11

Adrienne Dunn, Piketon 9

Brianna Sleek, Wheelersburg 10

Honorable Mention

Emily Davis, Ironton 12

Karlee McMackin, Ironton 11

Lakyn White, Ironton 10

Morgan Schug, Rock Hill 12

Brooke Hanshaw, Rock Hill 12

Kaitlyn Murphy, Coal Grove

Deanna Bentley, Coal Grove

McKayla Truesdell, Coal Grove

Caitlin Heffner, Chesapeake 12

Anna Mayo, Chesapeake 11

MacKenzie Riley, Fairland 9

Kerie Napier, Fairland 12

Ashley Cheesebrew, River Valley

Libby Leach, River Valley

Noel Mershon, River Valley

Abby Sparks, Wheelersburg 10

Halley Flourney, Alexander 11

Alisha Swiney, Alexander 12

Shelby True, Nelsonville-York 11

Lexi Roll, Adena

Tania Givens, Adena 11

Sara Link, Westfall

Olivia Beavers, Westfall

Hannah Cremeans, Portsmouth West 11

Allyson Davis, Meigs 12

Lisa Marie Wise, Meigs 9

Destiny Mullen, Meigs

Ashton Roberts, Zane Trace

Maggie Davis, Zane Trace

Miranda Melvin, Oak Hill

Hanna Spohn, Oak Hill

Jordyn Pennington, Minford 10

Abby Furhman, Minford 10

Ashley Webb, Lucasville Valley 9

Kasey Simpson, Portsmouth 12

Lacey Benner, Portsmouth 9

Shania Irvin, Huntington Ross 10

Logan Hutson, Huntington Ross 11

Kendra Dett, Huntington Ross 10

Shelby Mullins, Eastern Brown 11

MiKayla Purdy, Eastern Brown 9

Morgan Merritt, Piketon 10

Kacie Zimmerman, Piketon 10

Sydney Compton, Wellston 10

Player of the Year: Braiden Dillow, Lucasville Valley

Coach of the Year, Monte Spriggs, Lucasville Valley

Division IV

First Team

Player (school) Gr.

Katie Hill, Symmes Valley 12

Jenna Crawford, Green 11

Lauren Larrick, Fairfield 12

Hayley Gillian, Eastern 12

Amber Reed, Waterford 12

Autumn Griffith, Ports. Clay 11

Madison Sprankle, Crooksville 11

Katie Stevenson, Prts. Notre Dame 10

Haley Fisher, Sciotoville East 12

Marrissa Messer, Portsmouth Clay 11

Katelyn Hill, Southern 12

Chandra Canaday, South Gallia 12

Natalie Perry, Belpre 12

Whitney Hanekrat, Fairfield 12

Kiley Sosby, Whiteoak 9

Emily Jordan, South Webster 11

Brenna Holter, Eastern 12

Alee Davis, Crooksville 12

Second Team

Jessie Monroe, Sciotiville East 11

Kala Hall, Western 12

Kate Russell, Federal Hocking 12

Victoria Chaney, Manchester 12

Ali Shuff, South Webster 11

Miranda Pauley, Prts. Notre Dame 11

Jordan Jenkins, Ports. Clay 12

Tori Harr, Prts. Notre Dame 10

Jayde Heiss, Waterford 11

Tori Goble, Eastern 11

Maggie Cummings, Southern 11

Hannah Offenberger, Waterford 11

Macey Anders, Crooksville 12

Alicia Hornsby, South Gallia 10

Morgan McMillan, Southern 12

Sammy Martin, Prts. Notre Dame 11

Erin Homerosky, South Webster 12

Meghan Caldwell, South Gallia 11

Honorable Mention

Kari Brumbaugh, Symmes Valley 12

Hannah Maynard, Symmes Valley 10

Erin Imes, Green 11

Micah Lewis, Green 10

Brooke Johnson, Eastern 12

Brianna Fink, Crooksville 11

Kyrie Swann, Southern 11

Krystin Young, Federal Hocking 11

Kikayla Burns, Whiteoak 11

Courtney Huff, Fairfield 11

Shelby Smithson, Fairfield 10

Ariel Loop, Sciotoville East 10

Brookelyn Newell, Sciotoville East 11

Kelli Jenkins, Western 12

Laura Hill, Waterford 10

Sara Bailey, South Gallia 9

Ashton Cale, Federal Hocking 10

Whitney Gillian, Federal Hocking 10

Alexis Coulson, Western 11

Bethany Ellifritt, South Webster 12

Player of the Year: Lauren Larrick, Leesburg Fairfield

Coach of the Year: Greg Williams, Crooksville

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