News of Record — 7/23/12

Published 8:52am Monday, July 23, 2012


— Ocwen Loan Servicing vs. Tonya Patterson, et al, foreclosure.

— Belinda Stambaugh vs. The Cato Corp., breach of contract.

— First Priority Federal Credit Union vs. Ryan Beckelheimer, et al, $10,770.66 plus costs and other relief.

— Bank of America vs. Kevin Markins, et al, $72,729.40 plus costs and other relief.

— Asset Acceptance LLC vs. Johnathon Parsons, $27,847.50 plus costs and other relief.

— First Sentry bank vs. Robert C. Delawder, $25,050 plus costs and other relief.

— Capital One Bank vs. Ronald McCall, $1,286.78 plus costs and other relief.

— Green Tree Servicing vs. Amber Spitzer, $6,823.98 plus costs and other relief.

— Sun Trust Mortgage vs. Katrina Spaulding, et al, foreclosure.

— Bank of America vs. Gregory A. Colegrove, et al, foreclosure.

— JP Morgan Chase Bank vs. Jeremiah Dingus, foreclosure.



— Roma Marie Thompson vs. David Shannon Thompson.

— Sandra Dee Baker vs. Joseph Baker.

— Ashley Reidel vs. Jerry Reidel Jr.

— Jacob Gore vs. Linsey Gore.

— Timothy Lyons vs. Nicki Lyons.

— Mindy Ryan Scott Truitt vs. Dwayne Truitt.

— Ralph Dwayne Ross vs. Linda Kay Ross.

— Joseph Blake vs. Kelly A. Blake.



— Brittni L. Eplin and James D. Eplin.


Marriage licenses

— Roger Dale Malone, 49, and Angela Jo Skinner, 46, both of Lawrence County.

— Zachery William Brown, 24, and Kelly Renee Adkins, 20, both of Lawrence County.

— Ethan Ross Gullett, 23, and Karissa Marie Gilmore, 22, both of Lawrence County.

— Ryan David Horn, 35, and Candace Renee Arthur, 30, both of Lawrence County.

— Jeremy Edward Mays, 29, Kelli Nicole Skaggs, 25, both of Lawrence County.

— Paul Kelvin Boggs, 60, and Melissa Darlene Reeves, 34, both of Lawrence County.

— Joshua Clinton Duncan, 29, of Lawrence County, and Melissa Dawn Bailey, 28, of Wayne County, W.Va.

— Nicholas Andrew Snell, 22, of Duval County, Fla., and Brittany Nicole England, 22, of Lawrence County.

— William Christopher Dressell, 28, and Lesley Dawn Allen, 27, both of Lawrence County.

— Danny Joe Eckart, 40, and Ruth Ann Crum, 39, both of Lawrence County.

— Charles Lee Heim, 55, and Kendra Gerard Kelley, 47, both of Lawrence County.

— Tommy Junior Taylor, 37, and Heather Dawn Bell, 36, both of Lawrence County.

— Shawn Allen Hanshaw, 33, and Christina Lee Miller, 28, both of Lawrence County.

— Zachary Charles Jenkins, 21, and Erica Danielle Sites, 20, both of Lawrence County.

— Kenneth Lee Noll, 49, and Nellie Mae Woodward, 40, both of Lawrence County.

— Robin Jerome Fitzpatrick, 52, and Jessic Jane White 4,, both of Lawrence County.

— Joseph Earl Randolph, 24, and Amanda Sue Clement, 29, both of Lawrence County.


Property transfers

— Oscar Clark to Real Alternative Properties LLC, Rome Township, $80,000.

— Timmy Hays, et al, to Nicole and Robert Seals, Windsor Township, $50,000.

— Deborah Jobe to Bernie and Teresa Kerns, Rome Township, $64,005.

— James Triplett to Kristie Scarberry, Perry Township, $11,770.

— Annabel Green, deceased, to Mark and Wendy Arthur, Rome Township, $30,000.

— Ruth Bates to Charles and Emanuel Price, Perry Township, $134,000.

— Ron Adams to C. Raneigh Watts, Union Township, $20,000.

— Gerald and Ramona McCollister to Carla Skaggs, Lawrence Township, $123,400.

— Leslie Saunders to Katherine Kinder, Fayette Township, $147,000.

— David Green, et al, to Justin and Courtney Hamlin, village of South Point, $86,600.

— David and Dora Carmon to David and Jennifer Besco, Elizabeth Township, $20,00.

— Royce Chadwick to Andrew McClellan, Union Township, $145,000.

— Karen Slone to Paula Fields, Rome Township, $10,000.

— Paula Fields to Esta Reed, Rome Township, $10,000.



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