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Meth lab suspects arraigned in county court

Published 12:00am Sunday, August 5, 2012

CHESAPEAKE — Three people arrested last week for allegedly operating a methamphetamine lab were arraigned Friday in Lawrence County Municipal Court.

Donald J. Workman, 306 Little Solida Road, South Point, was arraigned on one count of manufacturing illegal drugs and on a bench warrant issued Wednesday because he failed to show up for a pretrial hearing on unrelated charges in Lawrence County Common Pleas Court.

Judge Donald Capper set bond at $50,000 and appointed attorney David Reid Dillon to represent him.

Jan E. Bess, 276 County Road 124, Chesapeake, was arraigned on one count of complicity to manufacturing a controlled substance.

Capper set bond at $50,000 and appointed attorney Mike Davenport to represent her.

Jennifer D. Hinchman, 1129 Waco Road, Huntington, W.Va., was arraigned on one count of complicity to manufacturing a controlled substance.

Capper set her bond at $50,000 and appointed attorney Mike Gleichauf to represent her.

All three people must return to county court Aug. 10 for preliminary hearings.

Workman, Hinchman and Bess were arrested Wednesday evening at Bess’ residence. Gary Sowards, of Sowards Bonding, was looking for Workman because the man had failed to show for the common pleas pretrial conference earlier that day. Sowards had been informed Workman might be found at Bess’ house. Bess is Workman’s aunt.

Lawrence County Sheriff Jeff Lawless said when the three were arrested, a “shake and bake” meth lab and ingredients to make the drug were found at the residence. All three remain in the Lawrence County Jail.

  • Poor Richard

    I found the residence on county road 124 which is about 500 feet from Rt 7/52 (the four lane) next to Union Hill Cemetery. The owner of the residence apparently resides in Proctorville since that is where the tax bills are sent and the name does not match the meth heads that were caught so more renters maybe? Don’t these people have children??? If so, how many counts of child neglect and child endangerment will they be slapped with — when a child is involved it should be an automatic 20 year sentence minimum!

    I would like to ask the prosecuting attorney and sheriff to start civil forfeiture proceedings to TAKE the property from the owner and sell it. In my opinion, it’s about time that the owners of these sleezy properties (where criminal activities occur) need to suffer some severe penalties as well as the criminals themselves. In fact, I would be thrilled if legislation was passed that states any property with meth making equipment automatically goes to law enforcement for sale.

    We want the scum out of our communities and out of our neighborhoods!!!!! Once hooked on meth these people will likely NEVER come clean – .0001% chance – lock them up permanently!

    By the way, Ironton Tribune, your online survey to determine if citizens would pass a levy for a new jail did not work. I voted YES along with three of my friends and the counter never changed!

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