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Arraignments dominate court docket

Published 12:00am Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Chesapeake woman who failed to cooperate with authorities during a pre-sentence investigation found herself behind bars Wednesday after a hearing in Lawrence County Common Pleas Court.

Stephanie Risner, 20, of 76 Private Drive 3, Chesapeake, pleaded guilty July 18 to burglary. At that time, Judge D. Scott Bowling ordered a pre-sentence investigation to determine what Risner’s punishment should be.

But at the hearing Wednesday, Risner’s attorney, John Kehoe, told Bowling that Risner and he were at such odds that Risner wanted a new attorney.

Bowling noted Risner had failed to check in with the Adult Probation Agency during her pre-sentence investigation period.

Bowling asked Risner if she intended to hire an attorney. Risner said she didn’t know but that her family might do that for her.

Bowling modified Risner’s bond from a $20,000 own recognizance (OR) bond to a $50,000 cash or surety bond and ordered her to be taken into custody immediately.

If she is able to make bond, Bowling ordered Risner to submit to electronically monitored home confinement. Bowling appointed Mike Gleichauf to replace Kehoe and set an Aug. 15 sentencing date.

Also Wednesday, Gregory Haynes, 49, of 6190 Seven Mile Road, Huntington, W.Va., was arraigned on eight counts of criminal non-support.

Four of the charges were misdemeanors; the other four were felonies. Haynes pleaded not guilty through his attorney, Samantha Fields.

Bowling set a $20,000 OR bond and scheduled a Sept. 5 trial date.

Robert Williams III, 54, of 2004 S. Sixth St., Ironton, pleaded guilty to one count of attempt to tamper with evidence.

In exchange for his guilty plea, Bowling dismissed charges of possession of cocaine and failure to comply with the order or signal of police officer.

Williams was sentenced to 90 days in jail but given credit for time already served, four years community control sanctions plus 200 hours of community service.

Shawn Davis, 24, of 111 Township Road 1340, South Point, was arraigned on charges of aggravated possession of drugs, aggravated trafficking in drugs, both felonies, and a misdemeanor count of possession of drugs.

He pleaded guilty through his attorney, John Kehoe. Bowling allowed a bond set in municipal court to continue. Davis must return to court Sept. 12 for a pretrial conference.


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