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Animal cruelty signs of much worse issues

Published 12:20pm Thursday, August 30, 2012

Far too often our society ignores warning signs in individuals who are a danger to themselves and others.

Anyone who would savagely abuse and torture an animal certainly is showing those signs.

Lawrence County has seen two occurrences of extreme violence against animals in recent weeks, with two dogs and a cat being tortured and killed in separate incidents.

Although two individuals have been arrested in one case, those individuals and anyone else suspected of these and other crimes is innocent until proven guilty.

Anyone who would commit acts of violence like this needs help. Experts believe that behavior like this is a sign of other deep-rooted problems and these acts of violence could be precursor to others.

If experience has taught us anything it should be that ignoring red flags can lead to dangerous outcomes. Mass shootings at Columbine High School, Virginia Tech and, recently, at a movie theater in Aurora, Colo. are some of the tragedies.

In these cases and others like them there were some indications that something was wrong with the individuals committing the crimes. At best, they needed help. At worst, heeding the signs could have led to actions that would have saved lives.

We, as a society, must take violence against animals seriously and we are thankful that the Lawrence County Sheriff’s office and other agencies have done so in these cases.

All life is sacred, human and animal alike.

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  • Poor Richard

    Serial killers in training.

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  • rambo

    Good article and most in mental health know those that abuse or kill animals are much more likely to do the same to their fellow man/women. This is an epidemic in socity that must be stopped.

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    • Noesis

      “or kill animals”

      as in hunters of farmers?

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  • LeHund

    I wish I could have grew up on a farm. I don’t see anything wrong with some animals being used for food.
    As long as the animals are treated well and have a good life, there is nothing wrong with using them for that. Abuse is when someone hurts or kills an animal for just fun, to just watch it suffer. Farms are not supost to be abusive, although they can be. The men who did this should be strung up and made to suffer, do to them what they did and see how much they like it. But sadly, our country does not see anything wrong with what they did, and they will more than likly be slaped on the wrist, let go with a warning and then someday, when they kill or rape someone, we will all act shocked, like we never saw it comming.

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  • Noesis

    I grew up on a farm. While we did not torture animals, we did do “extreme violence” against them while bringing them to our dinner table. When I hear terms like “All life is sacred, human and animal alike.”, I’m glad that I’m no longer on the farm where I would have to worry about putting down a sick puppy, calf, or even wring the neck of a chicken and not having somebody reporting me.

    And no, those sickos who did that to the dogs deserve to go to prison.

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    • Noesis

      Whoops, it should read:

      And no I’m not excusing what they did to the dogs, those sickos deserve to go to prison.

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  • mickakers

    A well needed reminder. Thanks.

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