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Neither crime nor jail issues going away

Published 12:00am Sunday, September 2, 2012

Until citizens acknowledge conditions at the Lawrence County Jail are a problem that impacts all of us, the community will never be able to find a solution.

Many taxpayers seem to believe that this decades-old issue is something that they don’t need to care about.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Providing funding for an adequate jail to keep criminals off the streets should be among the highest priorities for our county and the citizens who call it home.

What would happen if the state decided the jail had to be shut down? Based on current conditions and how far below state guidelines it is, that is certainly not outside the realm of possibility one day.

That would mean Lawrence County would have to house criminals elsewhere, which costs more money. It would also likely mean that some prisoners wouldn’t be incarcerated at all and put back into our community.

Sheriff Jeff Lawless is doing the best he can to keep the facility operational but the reality is it simply cannot handle the volume of lawbreakers our community is facing today.

The county must continue to look at alternative sentencing programs like home confinement and the work farm, among others, but that will never preclude the need for a functional jail.

Citizens will have to come to terms with this by opening their minds — and likely their pocketbooks — if we are ever going to find a solution.

  • tiger534

    Want is it with this moran that continues to think! his is the only way to think? Seems he thinks! that others are morans unless they think! like him! This must be Jim Crawford or his clone!

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  • Poor Richard

    I agree – the county needs a new jail. Whatever it takes to get the half-witted, red-necked, hillbilly trash out of our community and away from our families I am more than willing to participate.

    In my opinion, those citizens who disagree with a new jail are a part of the problem in this county and maybe they need to move across the river in meth head country where they will be more comfortable in their surroundings.

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    • indieVoter

      Sounds like someone must’ve gotten a ticket over there.

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  • swimmingupstream

    Instead of licking their chops over the new Casino money they are starting to receive; maybe the commissioners should set this money, and the shrinking local government stipend, aside and dedicate it to solving the jail problem. I cant say this would be the total solution, but it would be a substantial start.

    Or, the could just spend this money and hire more relatives…..

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