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Opportunity knocking at the WDRC

Published 9:07am Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Workforce Development Resource Center is providing a significant opportunity. Now it is up to individuals to take advantage of it.

The WDRC will soon hire 50 people –- with that number expected to grow to 100 – to do cleanup work related to the weather damage in 2010.

These funds come from the federal disaster relief program and have multiple benefits here in our community.

First, these funds will be used to clean up streams and other debris that remains in many of the rural parts of Lawrence County.

Secondly, this funding provides some much-needed employment opportunities.

This is the second phase of the project. Initially the WDRC hired more than 100 people, all of whom are still working.

These wages are all well above minimum wage and could be an excellent stopgap measure for individuals who are unemployed because of the economy and other challenges. But having the funding in place and having available jobs means nothing if Lawrence Countians do not take advantage of this opportunity.


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  • mickakers

    My utmost respect and admiration for the WDRC for their efforts in providing employment to those unemployed, reminiscent of the days of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the true Democratic Party. Also, my compliments to The Ironton Tribune for providing this information.

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  • tiger534

    I hope they can find 50 people from the welfare roles willing to make 10.50 an hour to clear out creeks and streams etc. My compliments to those workers that cleaned the stormes creek in front of the chruch on state route 93.

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  • rambo

    Be nice if they can find that many willing to give up there free ride and the Obama lifestyle he expects and will re-elected on those too lazy to take a job and willing to allow big gov’t to provide all their care. When they find there relatives under this same so called care die due to lack of funding for anything other then the basics then they will complain but never really understand the reason for this.

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