Published 10:15am Monday, September 10, 2012

— Brittany and Joseph Patterson to Francis Murphy, et al, city of Ironton, $85,000.

— Don and Jillian Ashby to Ice Creek Land Co., Upper Township, $53,000.

— Dolly Payne to Mark and Teresa Wilson, Mason Township, $69,000.

— Stanton Craddock and Jane Craddock to Jeremy and Paula Watts, village of South Point, $123,000.

— Craig and Lynne McKee to Beth Bare, city of Ironton, $102,000.

— Norris Gay South to Scott Terry, Fayette Township, $2,500.

— Susan Lynne McDowell to Betsey Ratcliff, Rome Township, $35,000.

— Samuel and Mary Margaret Greene to Scott Greene, city of Ironton, $50,000.

— Federal National Mortgage Assn., to Keith D. Henson, Union Township, $50,000.

— Joseph and Virginia Lewis to Jerry and Rachel Adkins, Fayette Township, $15,000.

— James Gouge and Phyllis Gouge to Randy Michael Roberts Jr., Mason Township, $16,000.

— David Howerton and Rebecca Howerton to Courtney Kerns, Union Township, $102,000.

— Tawnya Darling and Greg Darling to Arthur Lucas III, Rome Township, $255,000.

— HSBC Bank to Alpha and Christine Watts, Union Township, $17,699.

— Tawnya Darling and Greg Darling to Arthur Lucas III, Rome Township, $1,000

— Arthur Lucas and Melissa Lucas to Arthur Lucas III and Jeremy Lucas, Union Township, $4,395.

— Arthur Lucas to Jeremy Lucas, village of Athalia, 13,480.

— David and Jennifer Lees to Stan Johnson, Fayette Township, $141,000.

— Deanna Fritsch to Leah and Brian Tackett, Fayette Township, $114,000.

— Pamela Wagner and David Wagner to Don Guy, city of Ironton, $22,500.

— Gallia Properties to White Caps LLC, village of South Point, $55, 440.

— White Caps LLC, to Gallia Properties, village of South Point, $15, 660.

— White Caps LLC, to Quality Nursing Services, village of South Point, $15, 660.

— White Caps LLC, to Ultimate Health Care Service, village of South Point, $15, 660.

— Michael Hay and Stacy Hay to Anthony Jenkins and Loretta Jenkins, Upper Township, $18,000.

— Casey Kerns and Courtney Kerns to Elizabeth and Morgan Saunders, Union Township, $340,000.

— James Moore to William Lee Clark, Rome Township, $5,000

— Nicholas Huffman and Tonnette Huffman to Andrew and Rachel Fraley, Symmes Township, $100,00.

— Bill Hardesty to Judith Hayes, Rome Township, $84,000.

— Doris Thompson and Beverly Heflinger to Michael and Mary James, city of Ironton, $72,000.

— Bruce Levisay to Julia Scott, Rome Township, $51,343.

— Bruce Levisay to Julia Scott, Rome Township, $146, 250.

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