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Punishment doesn’t fit the crime

Published 9:12am Friday, September 14, 2012

Even the harshest penalty wasn’t enough for two men who savagely killed a family’s pets.

Ironton Municipal Judge O. Clark Collins made the right decision when he handed down the maximum sentence allowed Thursday for Brian L. Sharp, 20, of 339 Township Road 324, and Johnathan D. Jiles, 20, of 27 Private Drive 380, both of whom pleaded guilty to charges of killing two dogs last month.

The problem is Ohio law is simply too weak and fails to reflect the heinous nature of brutality against animals.

Both men will serve seven months in jail, be required to pay fines and make restitution. But this is surely little solace for a family that lost two of its members.

Lawbreakers often get harsher sentences for crimes such as theft and drug abuse, ones that certainly seem to pale in comparison.

Efforts are underway to bring attention to Ohio’s flawed laws and implement changes that would treat crimes against animals for more seriously. That would certainly be a positive that could come from this tragedy.

Now is time for Ohio’s laws against animal abuse to have more teeth and far more bite.


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  • Dacryocystorhinostomy

    Let us NOT go so far as to equate animals with people! ONE human being is worth more in God’s sight than all the animals he’s ever created.
    While no one should deliberately abuse an animal, we must not forget that, after all, they ARE animals, with no soul nor any “rights”. As for killing animals? Don’t forget that somewhere a horse or cow died to feed little Fifi its daily meal of Fancy Canine Cuisine. And in the wild, animals kill each other in ways often more cruel than anything a human could do to them.
    However, it’s good to see those two dog-killers “got the max”, as those dogs were on their owners’ property, no threat to the men, and there’d been no complaints to any authority on those dogs at all. Their act was just plain wanton destruction of property, and an emotional blow against the owners.

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