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Taxpayers shouldn’t be on the hook

Published 9:47am Thursday, September 20, 2012

Want proof that our lawmakers in the federal government are out of touch with reality? Look no farther than the fact it has taken more than 36 years for our elected leaders to realize that taxpayers shouldn’t be footing the bill for extravagant celebrations by the two major political parties.

And even though House Republicans and Democrats were able to agree that eliminating federal assistance for presidential conventions is a good idea, the move still has to be reconciled with similar legislation that has already been approved by the Senate.

According to Associated Press reports, the government has spent $224 million on conventions since 1976. Federal funding for this year’s conventions topped $35 million, about 20 percent of what it cost to throw these lavish parties. In the past, tax dollars have paid for as much as 95 percent of the convention costs.

This has to stop now.

It should be a “no-brainer” decision but apparently there are many people we have put in Washington who have no brains.

Ninety five members of the House of Representatives voted against this measure.

Voters should certainly determine if their representatives did so and respond accordingly at the polls.

The argument that this funding program eliminates the influence of lobbyists and private donors is ludicrous. This just continues to erode the public’s confidence that our government knows what it is doing and knows how to spend money wisely.

Fixing this is a good way to start addressing how our leaders spend our taxdollars.

  • Noesis

    $224 million since 1976?

    Drop in the bucket compared to the $528 million Obambi gave Solndra and the others?:

    Bright Source: FAIL! – Bright Source warned Obama’s Energy Department officials in March 2011 that delays in approving a $1.6 billion U.S. loan guarantee would embarrass the White House and force the solar-energy company to close. Lost Billions of dollars but Getting More Money To Keep Trying. Can you say, “This isnt working?”

    Abound Solar: FAIL! – Abound Solar received a $400 million loan guarantee from Barack Obama announced in June, 2012 that it would file for bankruptcy

    Beacon Power: FAIL! – Beacon Power Corp filed for bankruptcy Oct 2011 just a year after Obama approved $43 million loan Government loan guarantee

    Ecotality: FAIL! – ECOtality, a San Francisco green-tech company that never earned any money on the verge of bankruptcy after receiving roughly $115 million in two loan guarantees from Obama

    A123 Solar: FAIL! -A123 received $279 million from taxpayers thanks to President Obama’sDepartment of Energy loan guarantees and after Solyndra bankruptcy is getting another $500M from Obama and it has lost $400M

    UniSolar: FAIL! – Uni-Solar filed for Ch 11 bankruptcy in June 20 this year laid off hundreds got more Obama money still failing but still in business

    Azure Dynamics: FAIL! – Azure Dynamics files for bankruptcy in June wasting millions in Obama “Stimulus” and tax credits. Azure Dynamics LLC filed for bankruptcy protection in Canada and the US. Azure laid off 120 of its 160 employees in Oak Park; Boston; Vancouver, British Columbia; and the UK.

    Evergreen Solar: FAIL! – Evergreen Solar received $527 Million in Taxpayer money from Obama filed bankruptcy

    Ener1: FAIL! received more than $100 million in government funding from the Obama administration filed for bankruptcy January 2012

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  • rambo
  • bigkahuna
  • mickakers

    Also agree.

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  • mikehaney

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