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Panthers win golf sectional

Published 1:42am Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jim Walker


FRIENDSHIP — Every score really does count.

The Chesapeake Panthers needed all five of their players’ golf scores to win the Division II sectional golf tournament Tuesday at Shawnee Golf Course.

Chesapeake and Gallipolis each had a 332 team score, but the Panthers won on the tiebreaker.

The top four player scores comprise the team scores, but teams can play five golfers. The Panthers’ fifth score was an 88 by Drew Oxley while Gallipolis’ fifth score was a 96 by Sean Saltzgaber.

Both teams advance to the district tournament along with the top five individuals not on a qualifying team.

Portsmouth, Hillsboro and Jackson also qualified for the district tournament to be held Wednesday in Circleville at Pickaway Country Club.

Chesapeake was led by Nick Duffield with a 78. Shane Stevens shot an 83, Eric Sias an 84 and Seth Waggoner and 87.

Hillsboro’s Bagshaw shot a 72 to win medalist honors. Rob Canady of Gallipolis was next with a 75 followed by Duffield.

Ironton was ninth as a team with a 401 score. Jaylen Thornhill and Cory Rawlins each shot a 96, Travis Taylor 99, Luke Diamond 110 and Brody Stormes 135.

Fairland had a 403 total and was 10th as a team. Bailey Manns shot a 94, Hayden James 96, Hunter Schenewark 105, Tyler Blake 108 and Blake Kerstetter 111.

South Point was 15th with a 453 score. Caleb Jones had a 105, Austin Wellman 110, Kyle Goodson 116 and Brandon Loden 122.

Rock Hill had a 554 to finish one spot behind South Point. Logan Boggs led the Redmen at 132, Logan Barcus shot a 134, Aden Murnahan 137 and Gavin Boggs 149.

Division II Sectional Golf

Team Results

1. Chesapeake 332

2. Gallia Academy 332

3. Portsmouth 354

4. Hillsboro 363

5. Jackson 366

6. Piketon 375

7. River Valley 380

8. Northwest 385

9. Ironton 401

10. Fairland 403

11. Portsmouth West 412

12. Wellston 423

13. Eastern Brown 426

14. Minford 435

15. South Point 453

16. Rock Hill 554

Top 5 Individual Qualifiers

T. Galloway, Portsmouth West 85

L. Bunnell, Wellston 86

C. Pope, Northwest 87

H. Riepenoff, Wellston 90

J. Gilmore, River Valley 92

Local Team Results

Chesapeake 332: Nick Duffield 78, Seth Waggoner 87, Shane Stevens 83, Drew Oxley 88, Eric Sias 84.

Ironton 401: Jaylen Thornhill 96, Cory Rawlins 96, Travis Taylor 99, Luke Diamond 110, Brody Stormes 135.

Fairland 403: Hayden James 96, Bailey Manns 94, Hunter Schenewark 105, Tyler Blake 108, Blake Kerstetter 111.

South Point 453: Caleb Jones 105, Austin Wellman 110, Kyle Goodson 116, Brandon Loden 122.

Rock Hill 554: Logan Barcus 134, Aden Murnahan 137, Logan Boggs 132, Gavin Boggs 149.

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