Two employees at the Ironton Post Office are off the job after being arrested on charges stemming from two separate incidents.

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Post office employees charged with theft

Published 1:01pm Thursday, September 27, 2012

Two employees at the Ironton Post Office are off the job after being arrested on charges stemming from two separate incidents.

According to Special Agent Scott Balfour, public information officer for the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General, temporary letter carrier Forest Halterman, 39, of 2528 S. 12th St. in Ironton, has been charged with one felony count of theft and one misdemeanor count of theft.

The felony theft charge alleges that Halterman stole a parcel containing prescription medication being shipped from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to a veteran living in Ironton, and the misdemeanor charge alleges Halterman stole money from a petty cash fund at the Ironton post office.

Halterman turned himself in to authorities on Sept. 20. Halterman appeared in Ironton Municipal Court last week and pled not guilty.

Halterman is off the job at the Ironton Post Office pending the outcome of the criminal and administrative processes.

In a separate matter, Herbert M. Dalton II, 34, of 2316 Meadow Ridge Court, Wheelersburg, who worked at the post office customer desk, was arrested Wednesday and charged with two felony counts of tampering with records and one misdemeanor count of theft.

The tampering with records charges allege Dalton falsified sales transactions in the point of sale system, and the misdemeanor theft charge alleges Dalton deprived the Postal Service of $788.94.

Dalton hasn’t appeared in court yet.

Dalton is suspended from the Ironton Post Office pending the outcome of the criminal and administrative processes.

Balfour said both investigations were conducted by special sgents with the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General in Columbus.

USPS OIG Special Agent in Charge Robert Lapina said in a prepared statement, “The vast majority of the postal service’s 500,000 employees are hard working, honest individuals who work diligently to move the mail to its proper destination.

“Unfortunately, there are a small number of individuals who betray the public’s trust. Investigating and identifying those employees who steal mail and money is a priority of special agents of the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General.”

USPS OIG special agents are continuing other investigations of missing money from the Ironton Post Office. If individuals have information regarding missing postal funds from the Ironton Post Office, they are urged to contact the USPS OIG toll free hotline at 1-888-USPS-OIG or Individuals providing significant information may be eligible for a reward.

The special agents were assisted by the Ironton Police Department and Scioto County Sheriff’s Department. The cases are being prosecuted by the office of Lawrence County Prosecutor J.B. Collier, Jr.

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  • mikehaney

    Poor Richard–have to disagree with you somewhat about federal land in Lawrence County.
    I live at Lawco Lake and have been a member since I was a teenager, my father was involved in founding the lake.
    It is a great place to have a cabin withen easy walking distance to Wayne National where you can hunt legally. I feel this is good and like to see legal hunters take advantage of it.
    Well, about 30 years ago, walking with family at the swimmig area in fall, I had a 44 round whistle by my head and hit the ground. Picked up a warm slug and then called the sheriff. Deputy didn’t find culprit except someone claimed “fireworks”.
    Moved out here 10 years ago and had a round cut thru the trees in front of cabin while standing on porch. I heard the gun report but never found slug. Deputy would go talk to someone,which I believe he did. Grandkids were told to stay inside cabin!!
    Next, someone target shooting on Wayne National at crazy hollow just off lake property. Shooters were gone when deputy arrived, but I got the one finger salute from some young men about an hour later while outside my cabin.
    Year or two ago same thing. Target shooting at Wayne /National, one of them was in lake meeting with a former sheriff that did not know was illegal to “target” shoot in Wayne National. This instance, deputy ran them off and told me who was shooting.
    This spring, warm feb saturday,heard gun report at picnic area which is straight across from rt 522 and residence. Called sheriff again, but as wife was talking to dispatcher,got a call from lake board president that hunter had permission to shoot geese on lake. Well, I proceeded to walk to picnic area in front of hunter waiting on deputy. Hunter left after two hours and I called back to sheriff’s office to cancel need for deputy.
    Next day, sunday morning, another nice day, walking dog and noticed “duck blind in picnic area”. Walked to blind and stood in front of blind with camoflauged hunter with “I assume”, a loaded 20 gauge shotgun. Hunter didn’t like and got in his boat and proceeded to hunt from boat with me tagging along in my boat. Hunter shot another goose while in boat and me following. Hunter finally left after my son-in-law came down to get me.
    Sheriff was called again;deputy told me that they would “not respond”.
    I was not protecting the geese, I was protesting shooting on lake property amongst 80 cabins(one is my residence)from the picnic area across from rt 522 and a residence.
    This evening sept 27 2012, heard three gun reports,44 or 357, from what sounded like to me, coming from a cabin towards cnty road 27 entrance. That is the reason I am writing this. And also reading your remarks.
    Also caught a member shooting at geese with a pellet gun(assumung board approved) in same picnic area, which makes me wonder about the ones that have broken wings occasionally seen. One lone geese on lake now makes you wonder why isn’t flying south.
    As a vietnam vet, no heroics, I didn’t think I would be dodging rounds at Lawco Lake.

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  • Poor Richard

    Well, the best part is that it is ‘felony theft’ and I suppose that means federal court and a federal prison. Hopefully!

    I guess the Post Office conducts background checks on these slugs before they are hired, maybe they should add drug testing as well.

    Criminals conducting illegal activities on any federal facility or land are subject to ‘felony’ changes – that means the illegal activities that may take place at the Wayne National Forest, Post Office, VA, SS Office, federal/national parks, etc… can bring federal charges and they won’t get to have their trials at the local court with their local buddies.

    So all you folks out there in Lawrence County that want rid of the scum in our county, pay particular attention with what they are doing on federal land – turn them in and just maybe they’ll end up far, far, away! That INCLUDES illegal ATVers, gun idiots, meth cookers, trash dumpers, and thieves (equipment thieves, plant thieves, lumber, trees, etc).

    (Report comment)

    • Jabo

      Poor Richard, you should change your name to poor and dum Richard. Nowhere in this article does it say anyone was convicted of a crime. You have to be tried and found guilty first, please hold you comments until after the trial. Everyone has a right to a trial to prove their innocence. Duh !

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