Published 10:23am Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sheriff’s office

Breaking and entering — 8600 block County Road 37, Scottown, Oct. 2, tools, chainsaw, weedeater taken from shed.

Petty theft — 100 block Township Road 1316, South Point, 12:15 p.m. Monday, batteries taken from boat while docked in driveway.

Assault — 3700 block State Route 141, Ironton, 10 a.m. Friday, female students allegedly hit another female student in the head at Rock Hill High School, juvenile cited to court.

Burglary — 30 block Township Road 1022, South Point, Oct. 3, 32-inch flat screen TV allegedly taken from residence, Oct. 8, suspect in the case jailed on unrelated charges admitted to being in the home with his wife but did not admit to taking the TV, Antonio Butler, 21, of 20 Township Road 1018, South Point, charged for entering home without permission, negative contact with wife but charges filed.

Aggravated robbery — Lawrence Manor, South Point, 7:30 p.m. Monday, woman alleged another woman held her up at knife point in an apartment, owner of apartment allegedly told deputies she knew her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend allegedly planned the robbery and that she let it happen in her home, Beverly Maynard, 49, of 1035 County Road 1 Apt 228, South Point, arrested for complicity to aggravated robbery, negative contact on other suspects.

Domestic violence — 2300 block Township Road 218, Ironton, 2 p.m. Monday, woman alleged father of her child beat her with a board and would not let her call police, landlord called sheriff’s office, deputy noted woman had lump on forehead, swollen knee and swollen foot, Charles Cremeans, 34, of 2338 Township Road 218, Ironton, arrested.

Assault — 1100 block Township Road 251 S, South Point, noon Saturday, man alleged son-in-law hit him in the mouth.

Burglary — 90 block Township Road 1101, South Point, 3 p.m. Sunday, 25-inch TV taken from residence.

Theft of motor vehicle — 15000 block of State Route 243, Chesapeake, 9:26 p.m. Sunday, man alleged his truck was stolen while he was home, man followed his truck in his wife’s car, suspect allegedly tried to run man off the road, hitting the car and flipping the truck in a ditch, suspect took off on foot, negative contact.

Breaking and entering, theft — 100 block Township Road 158, Chesapeake, 9:18 p.m. Friday, four-wheeler taken from shed.

Petty theft — Private Drive 2560, Kitts Hill, 12:59 p.m. Sunday, gas-powered generator taken from porch.



— Susan Berry, 50, of 711 Vernon St., Ironton, warrants for arrest Friday by municipal court.

— Ryan Bleyle, 28, of 1740 Madison Ave., Huntington, W.Va., commitment Friday by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office.

— David Chaffins, 29, of 307 Elm St., Greenup, Ky., warrants for arrest Friday by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office.

— Jamie Day, 41, of 718 West Jefferson Ave., Huntington, W.Va., warrants for arrest Friday by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office.

— Krystal Elswick, 24, of 724 Lawrence St., Ironton, commitment Friday by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office.

— Virginia Fortner, 40, of 120 Freeman Court, South Point, warrants for arrest Friday by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office.

— Denny Lunia, 24, of Grandview Hotel, South Point, falsification Oct. 2 by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office.

— Eric Moore, 32, of 24 Township Road 1271, Proctorville, warrants for arrest, failure to comply with order or signal of police officer Saturday.

— Jacob Mylar, 18, of 106 Solida Road, South Point, domestic violence Friday by the South Point Police Department.

— Angela Neal, 42, of 806 County Road 31, Chesapeake, commitment Friday by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office.

— Kelli Runyon, 26, of 1515 S. Third St., Ironton, warrants for arrest Tuesday by the Ironton Police Departmetn.

— Tom Stapleton, 32, of 462E Coal Bank Hollow Road, Ironton, warrants for arrest Sunday by the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

— Michael Smith, 23, of 2216 N. Seventh St., Ironton, warrants for arrest Friday by the Ironton Police Department.

— Justin Wilson, 22, of 223 Township Road 1186, South Point, domestic violence, resisting arrest Monday by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office.

— Stuart Wolfe, 52, of 275 N. Third St., Ironton, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest Saturday by the Ironton Police Department.


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