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Bill Johnson has cost our region many jobs

Published 11:05am Friday, October 26, 2012

For decades our area has represented the manufacturing backbone of our nation’s economy.

The steel we manufactured helped build this country, and now our Congressman is turning his back on us. Congressman Bill Johnson voted for trade agreements with Panama, Colombia and South Korea — votes that have cost our area manufacturing jobs.

Let me give you some advice everyone of your constituents already know — offering tax breaks to millionaires in place of supporting local jobs is not the way to pull our district out of this recession. Pointing fingers, and passing the blame on to others, is not a value that we share.

You must be accountable for your own record. Regrettably, the promises you made on the political campaign trail in 2010 to bring new jobs to this area and support our local economy have simply not been met with action and success.

You voted to send jobs to South Korea, Panama, and Colombia, but voted against the American Jobs Act that would have provided $25 billion in additional investments in our schools and $50 billion in investments in roads and infrastructure growth.

That $75 billion represents jobs that were lost, and as a constituent, I hold you accountable.

Taking marching orders from your party leaders and leveling partisan cheap shots across the aisle is not leadership.

These actions do not embody the people you represent, a community you are just beginning to know.

Charles Kettel



Stephen Burcham handling county’s money very well

I would like to take this opportunity to ask you to support a good friend of mine for Lawrence County Treasurer, Stephen Burcham.

Stephen like his father Dale, has committed himself to serving the people of Lawrence County. In the past eight years as our treasurer, Stephen’s ability to work with other county officials has resulted in many benefits for each of us. Just to name a few, we can now pay our taxes at local banks or online.

Some $435,000 has been saved by replacing high interest bank loans resulting in jobs and projects for our communities without raising taxes.

Also, delinquent taxes are down some 50 percent since his tenure as our treasurer.

More than his accomplishments and service to our county, what impresses me most about Stephen is his unwavering dedication to his faith, family and friends.

These are qualities we don’t read about in political mailings, newspapers and tax reports. These are qualities I see in Stephen in the way he carries himself as a husband, father, church praise team member and friend.

Please join me in supporting Stephen this November.

Mike Shepherd


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  • Noesis

    Mr. Kettel, wasn’t it Obambi who signed those trade agreements? I know Caterpillar for one was losing a lot of jobs because we couldn’t sell the equipment to Columbia because democrats refused to sign off on the agreement.

    Your fellow democrats don’t agree with you either:

    NPR: Based on a government study of the agreement with South Korea, machinery and equipment makers, pork and beef producers and the chemical and plastic products industries have the most to gain. President Obama has said combined, the three trade deals will support tens of thousands of jobs across the country.

    “This is so simple,” says Democrat Max Baucus of Montana, one of many senators from both parties to take to the floor Wednesday in praise. “Everybody should be for this. It does create a more level playing field.”

    Good Job Mr. Burcham

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