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Dog shelter must take real action

Published 11:06am Friday, October 26, 2012

Eight out ten dogs that go to the Lawrence County Dog Shelter never leave, part of an euthanization rate that leads the state of Ohio.

Once all the legitimate factors, unfortunate circumstances and downright excuses are considered, it is impossible to come to any other conclusion than it simply doesn’t have to be this way.

The Columbus Dispatch recently presented an investigative story that analyzed figures obtained from 85 of the 88 counties to determine what happened to dogs impounded in county shelters across the state in 2011.

“The analysis compared the number of dogs killed with the number that left the shelter through redemption by their owners or by adoption. The statewide average showed that 70 percent of the dogs were redeemed or adopted, and 30 percent were euthanized,” the article stated.

Lawrence County euthanized 81 percent.

The focus now shouldn’t be about pointing fingers and casting blame. But there needs to be some decisive action from the community and the county.

Dog warden Bill Click isn’t the monster some like to paint him to be. He doesn’t enjoy having to kill animals.

But, there is more that he can do.

It starts with creating partnerships and a network with rescue agencies. Several have said over the years that Lawrence County can be difficult to work with.

The second step is using the resources at hand. The Tribune has tried to provide assistance in the past, offering thousands of dollars in free advertising if the dog shelter employees provide the information. It was successful for a short time and fell off because no one would make it happen.

What about other county offices and the commissioners? When was the last time the county leaders sat down with Click to look at the problem and determine real solutions?

Finally, what resources are being put toward education efforts and promotion of what the county has to offer?

The entire community becomes upset over violence toward animals, yet dogs are being killed here almost daily.

Now is time to turn that outrage into positive change that saves lives.

  1. mickakers

    I find this article admirable and commendable with it’s concern for preserving the life of animals, BUT, I do not recall the Tribune or it’s Editors offering an article with the same concern for Human Life and it’s preservation in regard to the murder of the unborn (the consequence of abortion). Is this indicative of the moral decay of our society, or just a lack of responsibility and moral fortitude on the part of the Tribune?

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  2. mikehaney

    State of Ohio needs spade,neuter laws comparable to the state of Maine. Why doesn’t Ohio?
    Cats included.
    Plus, are these pets dumped withen the state or are some brought in from Ky and WVa?
    I’m sure Bill Click would have a better understanding than most where these dogs are coming from.

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