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What exactly are the Democrats so proud of?

Published 12:00am Sunday, November 4, 2012

Several political candidates have said they are proud to be a Democrat.

This left me somewhat curious. So I would like to ask them a few questions.

Are you proud that 23 million Americans are unemployed or underemployed under the Democrats? (There were 12 million under President Bush.)

Are you proud that 44 million Americans are on food stamps? (This is 15 million more than under President Bush.)

Are you proud of our country’s $16 trillion debt? A debt that will be left to our children and their children. (If we can even survive it.) That is $6 trillion spent in four years by a Democrat president. The most in history.

Are you proud of the boos at the Democratic Convention when they wanted to reintroduce God back into the convention? (Why was He removed to begin with?)

Are you proud of the “fast and furious” plan of the Democrats that allowed thousands of guns to fall into the hands of Mexican warlords? One American border patrolman and hundreds of Mexicans were killed. The Justice Department refused to release many documents and the Democrat president used executive privilege to prevent it.

Are you proud of the 1 million babies who are slaughtered each year by abortions? More than one thousand were partial birth abortions.( This procedure is too abhorrent to describe here.)

The Republicans tried many times to end this but were overridden by Democrats.

Are you proud of the events in Libya that left four Americans dead and a Democrat president who has been untruthful about this from the beginning?

Are you proud of the voter fraud allegations that cast a cloud of suspicion over many Lawrence County Democrats? (The lack of indictments is not vindication.)

Finally, are you really proud to be a Democrat?

C.J. Meadows


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