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Newspaper, community can help with dog issue

Published 10:14am Tuesday, November 6, 2012

This is in regards to the newspaper’s editorial about the Lawrence County Dog Shelter. Please get all your info correct before printing such negative statements.

The adoption rate is nearly 100 percent right now. The dog shelter is working with many rescue groups and finding wonderful homes for the dogs.

I think it is terrible that you are printing such views without checking your facts. Adoption events are scheduled almost two times a month also.

Dog warden Bill Click is doing everything he can to work with various groups and volunteers to find the dogs homes.

Instead of sitting behind your desks and computers, pointing fingers and saying what you think needs to be done, step up and foster, adopt and volunteer.

Don’t just talk the talk, but actually walk the walk.

Mr. Click is not the problem. He is trying very hard to find homes for these furbabies.

The pet owners who do not spay and neuter, and the ones who abandon their pets are the problem.

Step up people and do something about the issue instead of trying to cast the blame on the ones who are not the problem.

Adopt. Rescue. Foster. Donate.

Missy Coburn

Kitts Hill

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