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Fairland West puts on production of musical ‘Annie’

Published 9:40am Friday, November 23, 2012


The fourth grade classes of Fairland West Elementary recently presented the musical, “Annie, Jr.” directed by music teacher Susan Dunfee. The classes performed the show for the student body and a second time for parents and public.

The highlights of the show were “Hard Knock Life” sung by a chorus of “orphans.” The title song “Tomorrow” was sung by Kia Booth playing the role of “Annie.” Jacob Sudlow played the role of Daddy Warbucks and MacKenzie Buchannan played Grace Ferrell, the secretary. Alyssa Howard played the role of “Sandy” the dog. “NYC” was performed by the whole chorus. Three tap dancers showcased New York City: Brittany Short, Emma Ward and Isabella Burcham. A rap rendition of “It’s A Hard Knock Life” was performed by a group of boys called Jaberwockeys.

“The community supports the Arts as an important component of a well-rounded education, Teresa Johnson, principal of the school, said. “Fairland is fortunate to have such talented children supported by teachers and parents.” ‘Annie’ was truly a group effort, and the message of sharing and generosity are appropriate at any season of the year.”

Assisting the music director were fourth grade teachers: Patrice Daniel, Nancy Estler, Gail Phillips, Eva Stillpass, Rose Sellards, Lisa Thompson and Joann Halfhill. Performing in the show were Mrs. Daniel’s class: Hunter Backley, Gaberial Barker, Clayton Bloss, Emily Bowen-Miss Hanigan, Kaitlyn Brumfield, Emily Carrico, Luke Colegrove, Alex Curry, Trenton Fuller, Alexis Hall, Kaitlyn Harrison, Jacob Henderson, Ayah Jammal, Haley Lester, Derrick Mullens, Allison Penix-Statue of Liberty, Medison Petry, Jacob Polcyn-Drake, Joel Preston, Zachary Stewart, Eric Thacker, Justin Theiss and Jayden Wells.

Mrs. Estler’s class: Grace Adkins, Maddie Anderson, Savannah Arrington, Zachary Ashmead, Abby Ball, Dacoda Barker, Chyanne Blevins, Joshua Cyrus, Jordan Dillon, Lexie Dillow, Joshua Ferguson, Matthew Holderby, Aditi Kumari, Allison Nunley, Aaliyah Qualls, Ruthie Sharp, Dawson Singer, Tyler Thompson, Hannah Tschop, Zane Tucker, Breeona Walker, Rowan Ward, Alisa Watson, Alyssa White and Bayley White.

Mrs. Phillips class: Cameron Adkins, Lauren Anderson, April Black, Joshua Bledsoe, Isabel Bowen, Madelon Chianesi, Miguel Galloway, Alex Gartin, Lauren Gilmore, Travis Grim, Logan Hamlin, Haley Jenkins, Isaac Jewell, Abbie Kiritsy, Tanner Litz, Delver Mullins, Emily Sharp, Hailee Thacker, Sydney Thompson, Mallie Williams and Darien Zickefoose.

Mrs. Stillpass’ class: Rileigh Adkins, Jerry Blake, Matthew Burns, Lily Cochran, Caleb Cross, Lexi Detamore, Hailey Eldridge, Alexis Forbush, Jenna Fuller, Jeremiah Jarrell, Skylar Kimball, Adam Marcum, Nina Miller, Ally Poe, Mason Reed, Bailey Singer, Malachi Shugert, Gabe Welch, Joshiah Wyrick and Anthony Zhu.

Ms. Sellards class: Tevyn Andrus, Gracie Allen, Hannah Boso, Kaydee Brumfield, Elizabeth Carrico, Sidney Clark, Bailey Frasher, Megan Holbrook, Libby Judge, Angelina Kinder, Griffin Knipp, Patrick LaCroix, Jesse Lewis, Emma Marshall, Skyler Morris, Emily Oder, Kirsten Orsbon, Kyle Slone, Stephen Smith, Tevin Taylor, Nathanial Thacker and Clayton Watts

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