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Tax sale good for citizens

Published 9:23am Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It is a complicated song and dance that has already benefited Lawrence County — to the tune of $2 million — and can certainly do so again as delinquent property owners are held accountable for not meeting their obligations.

Lawrence County Treasurer Stephen Burcham has scheduled a tax lien sale for Jan. 7 as a way to generate revenue for the county and collect at least a portion of what is owed on massively delinquent taxes and, ultimately, return these properties to the hands of individuals who will honor their commitment to the community and do their part.

These sales have been successful in recent years, raising more than $2 million. This is likely to continue as liens on more than 1,500 parcels with past due taxes of $2 million are up for sale.

If not sold locally, Burcham has the option, and a good one, to sell en masse to companies in the market for liens such as these.

Let’s be very clear. These properties’ are not owned by people who have fallen on hard times and just struggled to make a payment or two. These property owners have shown no regard for their responsibilities and made no effort to correct this.

Burcham is right to push this.

Our taxpayers, schools, villages and the City of Ironton will benefit.


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