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HR mayor pleads not guilty to OVI

Published 10:16am Tuesday, December 11, 2012

HANGING ROCK — Hanging Rock’s mayor will be back in court on Thursday after pleading not guilty to an operating a vehicle while intoxicated charge.

Christopher Davidson, 43, was arrested at 1:40 a.m. Sunday on Mimosa Lane in the north end of Ironton after Ironton Police officers and Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers checked what they termed a suspicious vehicle parked on the street.

“Officers detected a strong odor of alcohol and his speech appeared slurred,” according to a release from Sgt. Kevin Kobi of the patrol. “Davidson was placed under arrest for OVI.”

Davidson was booked into the Lawrence County Jail at 2:33 a.m. Sunday and subsequently released. He pleaded not guilty Monday afternoon in Ironton Municipal Court and hired Ironton attorney Mark McCown to represent him.

McCown said he was starting an investigation into the incident.

“A cursory review indicates there is a discrepancy with the charges filed and what he was told he was charged with,” McCown said.

At the time of the arrest, McCown said Davidson was told he was being charged with physical control since the vehicle was parked and the keys were not in the ignition.

“He was quite surprised when he was cited for OVI,” McCown said.

Davidson is scheduled for a pre-trial hearing on Thursday before Ironton Municipal Judge O. Clark Collins.


  • Ironton Cares

    Just like Digi said, Rich manned up to his mistake and didn’t try to plea not guilty. This guy is the one that when you go to his so called courtroom (And no I have not been there but know many who have been) he acts like he hates everyone, doesn’t want any business to proper in Hanging Rock, you have the Laidback and Hops for one but he and his other officers harass anyone going or coming to these establishments even if they haven’t had a drop to drink they find something to pull them over. I think Mr Davidson should have to face the facts and admit his guilt on move on but I am not sure he has that manning up stuff in his heart. How he has stayed on as Mayor is beyond me, I guess he has alot of people snowballed or they like his family, he sure doesn’t get it with his personality, I could say more about him that alot of people don’t know how he handles himself in businesses but I will keep my mouth closed, Karma is a B**** Chris!

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    • Digi

      You’re right him going for the not guilty plea says a lot about him and it’s nothing good. But I’m a believer in Karma also, and even if he does weasel out of it people still know he’s guilty and lawyers will have a field day in his court room using whatever excuse he uses to get off, for their clients too.

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  • MAC

    “A cursory review indicates there is a discrepancy with the charges filed and what he was told he was charged with,” McCown said.

    According to the Court / Police Department they don’t have to tell you everything they are charging you with. My Nephew was charged with disorderly conduct and when he went to Court a charge of Resisting Arrest was added and he was never told about it until he went to Court. When we bailed him out the receipt only had the one charge on it, they said that all the charges don’t have to be put on the receipt.

    Throw the book at him, he’s no better than anyone else. As a Mayor he should be setting a good example in the Community, this kind of behavior is not acceptable. If he only gets his hand slapped then the Justice system has failed to do its job.

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  • anewchance

    The mayor of H.R. will get his hands slapped that is all.

    When the H.R. police years ago when I lived in Atlanta and came home gave me a ticket for running a stop sign, which not only did i stop at but let a station wagon go around the corner before I turned right to go to hwy. The police car pulled out and i was half way up the ramp when he told me he was giving me a ticket for running the stop sign on 2nd st. my husband and i both told him I did not. He said ” I ” said you did. So nothin g i could do.

    Now they smelled the alcohol on the mayor and his speech was slurred, however he still is pleading not guilty and trying to get out of it on a technicalally. Oh well nothing us peons can do about it. I doubt we even hear anything about it anymore.

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  • Digi

    Guess he can’t man up and plead guilty like Rich did. I agree with Ironton Cares, Throw the book at him and make an example and show him he isn’t getting special treatment. I’m sure it will get plea bargained down just like bigkahuna says and I’ll be surprised if we even see it back in the news to know what the outcome is.

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  • Ironton Cares

    He was drunk and trying to weasel his way out of it, they will probably smack his hands and tell him never do that again, he deserves everything thrown at him the way he treats others in his so called courtroom. I say throw the book at him!

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  • bigkahuna

    I smell a plea bargain.

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