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City should welcome OSHP help

Published 9:45am Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mayor Rich Blankenship has asked the city solicitors for a written opinion confirming that he cannot prevent the Ohio State Highway Patrol from enforcing the laws on Ironton streets.

Who cares if he can or cannot? The bottom line is that no one should want to and the mayor should tell that to anyone who complains.

Even seeking clarification on this, which certainly looks like a way to pass the buck so to speak, sends the wrong message.

The mayor should be welcoming the patrol with open arms because the city needs all the police protection it can get and the only people who are concerned about why the OSHP is in town are those who are breaking the law.

The patrol’s primary activity when in Ironton is citing traffic violations and those who are driving under the influence, two areas that the Ironton Police Department has all but ignored for years.

Some like to argue that the patrol in town hurts Ironton businesses and keeps its citizens from having a good time.

That is ludicrous.

Everyone can have a good time but that doesn’t mean breaking the law is OK.

Ironton citizens and its leaders need to embrace any measures that make our streets and our community safer.

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  • InSider

    Ok, enough. Here are the facts.. Under 5503.02 of the Orc, the highway patrol does have the same power as police officers on PUBLIC HIGHWAYS!!! If you continue reading that section, you will then see, that they only have criminal jurisdiction (police powers) ON STATE ONWNED OR STATE LEASED PROPERTIES ONLY!!!!! The OSP are not peace officers. They have NO jurisdiction on private property! The only enforcement powers they have, is for traffic violations ONLY!! The only time a trooper can act as a police officer in the state of Ohio, is when requested by the Sheriff or the Mayor of the city. The power that Ipd and the Sheriff has, are totally different than those of OSP. The highway patrol is designated for public safety on the highways, NOT TO BE POLICE OFFICERS!!

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  • Henry

    What an unreal and absolutely ridiculous situation. Are you kidding me? I wonder if Kristen Martin and Rich Blankenship realize how transparent they are being. Dear Ironton citizens – you should be absolutely outraged at the outright stupidity of your mayor and finance director. Your elected officials want less protection for you and your family, and they want a monopoly on the protection you receive. The mayor actual checked the Ohio Revised Code to determine if the OSHP was even allowed to patrol their town. This isn’t about increasing the taxes your town receives…it is about making sure that they can pick and choose the laws that are enforced. They clearly have a turf issue. This isn’t about turf…it is about safety and protecting citizens. GOT IT RICHARD! Ohio is laughing at your ridiculous actions.

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  • mickakers

    The assistance of the Ohio State Patrol should always be welcomed in the city of Ironton. They are the elite when it comes to law enforcement. My utmost respect and admiration for the Ohio State Patrol. God’s Speed Gentlemen & Ladies!

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  • mikehaney

    RUNutz– In an emergency situation, I would welcome an OSP officer over all others.

    Well said!!!

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  • RUNutz

    The below response by “Ozzy” has to be the most ludicrous and asinine statement I’ve read in a very long time! He contends the OSP belongs on the highways, yet fails to cite the villages’ patrol of US52. His statement OSP officers are not police officers and can’t enforce most laws is a totally false allegation, as OSP officers, by state law, Section 5503.02, have the same right and power of search and seizure as other police officers. His comment OSP officers “pick on people” is laughable and sounds more like the voice of experience on his part than a rational statement. Since when do the IPD and SO answer to the people of Ironton and Lawrence County? I must have missed that in the news. His comparison of the OSP to the Nazis is so far out of touch with reality I can’t begin take it seriously. The one truth he stated is the Sheriff and Mayor of Ironton must request assistance from the OSP, and as you stated in your opinion, it would be a misfeasance of their obligations to the citizens not to do so. Finally, the OSP mission is to protect life and property and promote traffic safety, but they also provide K-9 support and drug interdiction to all communities within the State of Ohio. In an emergency situation, I would welcome an OSP officer over all others.

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    • Digi

      I totally agree, give me OSHP any day! This is just whining being done because of Hanging Rock’s mayor getting his DUI and it was down in Green Valley. So now they want to find a way to say it was an illegal stop so that it gets thrown out. And then they want to try and make them pay taxes if they insist that they continue to patrol the streets of Ironton as a punishment for catching the mayor. What those two mayors need to do is to STOP the drinking and driving and then they won’t have to worry about it.

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  • Ozzy

    I have never been more disgusted with a Tribune Editorial than I am now. The Ohio Highway Patrol are just that, HIGHWAY Patrol. They need to stay on the highways and let the City Police do their jobs. The OSP are not Police Officers, they cannot enforce most laws without the approval of a the Sheriff or Police.

    They are a bunch of smart @$$ that pick on people. They want to be state police so bad but lets pray this never happens. Right now our local police and Sheriff answer to the people. If these Nazi get in power we will have to go through the Columbus bureaucracy and we will never get it stopped.

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