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‘Pickers’ conclude first toy, food drive

Published 2:32pm Wednesday, December 19, 2012


UPPER TOWNSHIP — It is better to give than to receive.

That’s what Justin Maddy said about his first year’s effort of Pickin’ for a Cause.

Maddy and his brother Jason, founders of the Tri-State Pickers Facebook page, started a toy and food drive for needy families in November.

With the help of local businesses and fire departments, the Pickers were able to collect nearly 1,000 cans of food and bundles of toys, from stuffed animals to building blocks. The group also raised about $300 to buy additional items.

Headquartered at the Upper Township Volunteer Fire Department, Maddy collected donations each Saturday with the help of fire chief J.D. Pancake.

Saturday was the last day for the drive and Maddy said the final push brought in a large number of items, thanks to a special visit from Santa Claus.

“We doubled on Saturday within the first two or three hours,” Maddy said.

“We had people bringing in six cases of food in at a time,” Pancake said.

The Pickers, with help from Pancake, have already started delivering to those in need.

“It’s definitely touching,” Maddy said. “It’s hard to believe a box of canned food would make their day. But it does.”

Next week, Pancake will dress in his turnout gear and he and the Pickers will visit children at Cabell Huntington Hospital to deliver toys.

“Every kid lying in a hospital needs a stuffed animal,” Maddy said.

Both Maddy and Pancake said they plan on making the toy and food drive a yearly effort.

“I hope next year we can get a little better organized and make it bigger and better,” Pancake said.

In the coming weeks, Maddy said he planned on organizing a clothing drive for winter wear.

  • Dad

    Bleeding Heart, I doubt there are people trading illegal guns openly on face book. But I am also sure that if picker decide to stop allowing sells it will not put a stop to illegal sales. What you are really needing is a law that prohibits a sale of a fire arm from one person to another. I am not sure how you are going to enforce it.

    If making guns illegal will take them off the street, then we should try that with heroin and meth.

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  • ThisisHome

    There are group sites that where you are able to post and trade guns and accessories. I would imagine that they didn’t want the Pickers site to be overrun with firearms, b/c that wasn’t why it was created.

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  • bleedingheart

    I do not know these people personally. They seem nice and sincere. I wish they would reconsider the decision to allow people to buy, sell, and trade guns on their facebook account. Just saying!

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    • Dad

      I do know these guys and they are honest, sincere and great guys. I assume a bleeding heart, would see something wrong with honest law abiding Americans trading and selling guns. Fortunately the right to free speech gives you the right to say your opinion. I would gladly use my 2nd amendment right to defend your first amendment right. Even if I disagree with you. God bless America and all the members of Tri-State Pickers.

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      • bleedingheart

        That is exactly my problem, Dad. How do they know these guns are being exchanged by law abiding citizens? No background or criminal checks required. Just access to Facebook and meet me in a parking lot.

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