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Many Americans struggling just to get by

Published 10:50am Friday, December 28, 2012

I am a 49 year-old mother of three and grandmother to four. My husband and I are both disabled. We struggle to keep our bills paid, food on the table and all the other necessities like medications and things.

I believe if all these rich politicians had to live on what we do and give up all their fancy things they would find a way to pay for the Social Security needs and other social needs.

I do not receive any state assistance other than the medical card I get for my granddaughter, of whom I have legal custody. I try to work part-time when I can to help pay the bills, but that is not much most of the time.

My health is deteriorating and so is my husband’s. I think this “fiscal cliff” is ridiculous and the Republican Boehner and those like him should have to live like us before they line their pockets anymore.

The rich millionaires and billionaires should have to pay a whole lot more taxes than the middle class and the poor. As the old saying goes “the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer.”

This is such a true statement anymore and it really should not be.

What happened to those with so much helping out those less fortunate and those paying their fair share?

Irene Parsons

South Point


Putting God first will help turn our nation around

My pastor, Brent Baker, recently gave a sermon and posted it on Facebook. I wanted to share it. Here it is:

I am ticked off like many of you are tonight. This tragedy of today was totally senseless and uncalled for. However, I find comfort in knowing where those little children are tonight and I am not to judge but there is a verse that pretty much tells me where this young man is going tonight.

“It is better for a millstone be hung around his neck and thrown into the depths of the sea than it is to cause one of these little ones to sin.”

But can I ask a question tonight, why are we so surprised that things like this happened?

We have taken, or allowed God to be taken out of our schools, taken out of our government, and there are some churches that are working to get Him out of the church.

We have allowed this to happen!

Now we are being trained to say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas!”

Now we are trying to take Christ out of Christmas.

Is it any wonder that tragedies happen like today’s?

But when we look to the Bible to see what God has to say about things we get mad and don’t go to church anymore – simply because we don’t like what it says.

This shooting today has really made me sad and hurting for the families, but it also has made me mad because we allow all of these things to happen simply because God is removed from just about everything.

So tonight, I just want you to know I love you all in the name of Jesus and I want to wish you a Merry Christmas!

If you don’t think this is happening in your town and in your schools, just take a second look around.

Look at what you get upset about when people don’t see eye to eye with you!

I am not ready to get off of this soap box yet, but my blood pressure is going up!

We need God again. We need a revival again! And maybe, just maybe we won’t see things like this again!

Also, don’t think this isn’t happening here at our schools.

Remember, when every morning, first thing, you would pledge to the flag and then recite the Lord’s Prayer. It’s just what we did didn’t seem that low, or some goof ball thought it wasn’t right.

How does one or two people have so much power to tell us, you can’t do this.

It is time we stand up to those people.

Get God back in school and everywhere else that he was taken out of.

How can this country take him out of everyplace and then when a terrible thing happens, like this, we ask to pray. Where are these people when God was put out?

I hope this never, ever happens again, but you know these little children are angles in Heaven.

Margaret Frecka





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  • SteveLeach

    Mrs Parsons part of the problem is the large group that do nothing but expect the govt to pay for them and I frankly am sick of it. I have no problem helping those who truly need help, my issue is with those who feel entitled to sit on their butts and draw their checks even though they could work and you are offended by boehner and want him to live on what you do well what about your president he worked one whole day in 2013 and needed a vacation and that trip cost us a couple million dollars and why dont research how much money we spend taking care of the first family and then you will really be offended its probably around 1 billion dollars so think about that and realize its not just republicans but dems too have money and continue to have the working class pay for all their perks see people will respond on hear to support their party but I am a conservative first and always will be and am tired of taking care of others including our elected officials like its their right not to be taken care of whatever happenened to working to get what you have because that is dead ideaology in this country and I hate to break the news but the gravy train wont last forever then whats going to happen I predict a civil war and its not going to get any better unless this spending is reigned in but that will never happen because it makes votes easier to buy and those morons in washington keep their power and keep us in line

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    • mikehaney

      Steve–Was nice that Obama could fly back to Washington to take care of fiscal cliff. Then just flew back to Hawaii.
      Hope air force one gets good gas mileage!!

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  • mikehaney

    Teachers in our public schools have our children 8 hrs a day, 5 days a week and more.
    As an example; when Kennedy was shot, a teacher was heard commenting “it’s about time”, in a local school. And this teacher was teaching young children in a high school.
    This was told to me by a student that heard the comment first hand while in the teachers classroom.
    How about, a school of one’s choice also.
    America has been on this boat since the sixties. Will we ever get off the party boat?

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  • anticon

    Almost nobody is trying to take prayer or God out of schools or Christ out of Christmas. Do you actually know anyone who is? During the Christmas season Fox News usually airs stories about the 1 or 2 places in the United States where an atheist group is protesting a nativity scene, ignoring the thousands and thousands of places in the U.S. where Christ is still in Christmas.

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    • anticon

      Think of how wonderful it would be if instead of reporting on the one or 2 places in the United States where a handful of people were protesting against a nativity or prayer in schools, Fox News would report on the thousands of nativity scenes across the country and the thousands of schools where praying is a daily event.

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  • Geronimo

    Go to church,teach your kids about God at home , send them to the church of your choice , and don’t depend on school officials , that may or may not be of the same religeous beiefs that you are.The same with politics. Kids that know about GOD , can and will pray anytime they want.Paid school officials are there to teach your kids standad subjects to get them through this life. Its your job as a parent to teach your kids about the religeon of your choice , and if you choose to let someone else do that for you take them to the church of your choice.Do you really think any man , or government law can keep God away from children?

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  • mikehaney

    Margaret Frecka
    Hmmmm, just this morning I was reading the inscription on a new nickel. IN GOD WE TRUST is still on it, but how do we trust in God when our children are taught that they aren’t allowed to say those words out loud in school?

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