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7-year-old sets great example

Published 12:37am Sunday, December 30, 2012

Seven-year-old Brady Bane is proof that future generations aren’t necessarily lacking some of the traits that will likely be needed to help return our country to greatness.

The Proctorville child took it upon himself to sacrifice his birthday presents and hold a fundraiser to fight breast cancer.

He was inspired by WWE wrestling and its marquee star, John Cena, which also helps prove that efforts by sports figures and celebrities can really make a difference.

Brady just wanted to do his part, an effort that culminated with him raising more than $750.

Far too often cynics say that our country is in the shape it is because the younger generations lack values, morals and integrity.

We think children like Brady are the rule rather than the exception.

Most of today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders want to do the right thing and want to make their communities better. And this certainly starts with parenting.

Although Lorie and Chris Bane didn’t push Brady to do this, they have almost certainly led by example and helped him understand the impact an individual can have on the world around him or her.

And that might be the key to moving our country forward: Strong parenting that instills values and community spirit in our youth.

Brady Bane deserves to be cheered as he is setting an example that many of our adults should follow.


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