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Time to hold our elected officials accountable

Published 12:20am Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Here we are at the end of another year and we find ourselves on a “fiscal cliff.”

Our elected officials have attempted to do exactly nothing, and they have succeeded with flying colors.

“Smirk-faced Mitch” and “Bonehead-Boehner” have proven that their leadership abilities are non existent. They are now dubbed the “Do-Nothing Congress.” They knew that this was coming, yet did absolutely nothing.

Why do we pay these people? If people in the private sector performed like this, we would be fired. These guys sit on their laurels and collect six-figure salaries that come from hard working taxpayers who are barely getting by.

These same Congressmen also have the best “perks” anyone could ask for. They give themselves pay raises they never deserve and have lucrative retirement pensions.

I believe it’s time to hold these people accountable for their actions, and if they don’t work, we don’t pay them!

Do away with their retirement and put them on the Social Security system like the rest of us. I guarantee they would find a way to fund it then.

And finally put them on term limits. All elected officials have them.

We need to get these “dinosaurs” that have lost touch with the American public out of office, but since there are no term limits, I would like to see a “don’t re-elect anybody” campaign started.

Are you in?

Randy Lee



Obama didn’t deserve to be elected for second term

I have no faith, trust, love or concern in a man, party or administration that allowed God to be removed from their very platform.

How can they lie to cover up such pathetic actions as the killing of our ambassador and two former Navy SEALs?

My Christian mind cannot comprehend the second election of such a poor president, a man that has not even run a pie factory, or could not if he tried.

How could my fellow Christian Democrats repeat such an un-Christian vote because of self-interest?

Duke S. Sheridan


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  • Geronimo

    We hear God removed from school , God excluded from a platform , gay marriage , abortion ,Bla Bla Bla. As A true Christian , do you really think any man or gonernment can seperate us from God , or do you really think that any law or anything else on this earth can keep God from where wants to be? As christians we are to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. We are not to question what God allows to happen.God is beyond all understanding. Quit praising one man and condeming another. Judge no one and quit spreading false information about men you really don’t know. Praise God in all his Glory and pray for every man. Have a nice day and try and make someone else have one. God will bless you for that.

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  • mickakers

    Randy Lee; An insightful and thought provoking comment, my compliments.

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  • mikehaney

    A little biased Randy? All the dems has to offer is 15 billion in spending cuts? Laughable.
    Totally agree with you Duke. Also, Obambi wasn’t re-elected.
    140% participation at some voting precincts says it load and clear.

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