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Obama leading nation anywhere but ‘forward’

Published 9:16am Tuesday, January 8, 2013

We are going over the “cliff” no matter what the Republicans do. If they give Obama and the Democrats everything they want we are still going over. The reason is common sense to anyone who ever ran a home or a business, wasteful spending.

How long can you charge and charge without the means to pay for it?

We are well over 16.3 trillion dollars in debt and all the Democrats want to do is spend, spend. There hasn’t been a budget since Harry Reid. a Democrat, became in charge of the Senate. More money has been spent on “pork projects” stimulus, yet not enough jobs are being created to keep us afloat.

Obama’s new idea “Forward” has us headed for bankruptcy in a hurry, with fewer people working in the private sector. Less taxes are being collected to pay our debt, and with his spend, spend, spend we will be so far in debt.

But wait, we still have Bush to blame, when Obama took office we were in debt 10.5 trillion. When will you quit blaming Bush and put the blame on our vacationing, touring, ambassador, who likes to travel the world over at taxpayers’ expense?

Oh I forgot, he’s a Democrat, and everybody knows that Democrats don’t make mistakes. Just blame the Republicans.

Homer Campbell



  • mikehaney

    Homer–Obama leading nation anywhere but ‘forward’————–wrong, he’s trying to be a dictator,not a leader.
    Hang in there Homer.

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  • anticon

    For Heaven’s sake Homer, give it a rest and relax. Nobody is trying to bankrupt the country, nobody is trying to take God or praying out of schools, nobody is trying to take Christ out of Christmas. Slack off the Fox News and evangelical right hysteria. You’ll live longer and happier.

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  • Geronimo

    Lets see!! Surplus when bush came in , – 10.5 trillion when bush left,plus two wars and prescription drug program and the biggest tax break in modern history , all un funded. -16.3 trillion now. 16.3
    = 5.7 how has obama doing with actual math?

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  • Geronimo

    When will Homer learn , government is not a business and can’t be run like one or a household budget. The armed forces was never designed to make money and no government agency is. A government is to keep its citizens , safe and healthy , the infrastructure up (Safe bridges , dams and roads.) We need the government to regulate , so we have safe food to eat , clean water to drink and provide a safety net for the poor.Everything has its abuses , but we can’t stop all government spending just because Homer’s candidate lost the election. Government is somewhat like a household or business budget , in that it cost more to run this year than last year. It takes revenue to run it and pay down the debt. That is mostely in taxes and consumer spending.Homer quit crying about Obama as if He’s the only cause of this mess that our house and senate have got us into. There’ll be a republican president again (Maybe).

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