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Secret indictments lead to four arrests

Published 9:47am Friday, January 11, 2013


SOUTH POINT — Four people were arrested this week for drug trafficking in South Point.

Investigations led by the Lawrence Drug and Major Crimes Task Force ended with secret indictments from the December grand jury session.

Arrested Wednesday were Holly Ployer, 32, and Stephanie Tucker, 35, both of 24 Private Road 70 Township Road 1336.

Ployer was charged with two fourth-degree counts and one fifth-degree count of trafficking in drugs. Tucker faces one count each of fourth- and fifth-degree drug trafficking.

Danny Jones, 27, and Rachael Jones, 28, with residences listed as the Grandview Inn, were both arrested Thursday.

During the arrest, 83 30-milligram oxycodone pills with a street value of $2,490, were recovered. Also recovered were two weapons, one of which was a handgun that had been reported stolen from Huntington, W.Va., in 2005.

Jones was charged with three third-degree felony trafficking in drugs charges from the December indictments. According to a release from the Lawrence County Prosecutor’s Office, task force personnel will seek additional charges of felony drug possession and possession of a stolen firearm.

Jones was charged with two third-degree counts and one fourth-degree count of drug trafficking.

The defendants will be arraigned in Lawrence County Common Pleas Court at a later date.

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  • Poor Richard

    Bravo to law enforcement! Eliminate more crime by closing the sleezy motels in South Point thru civil forfeiture! Repeated criminal activity qualifies the properties to be taken.

    Would the county sheriff’s office receive the funds when property is taken by civil forfeiture and sold or do the feds or state get that money?

    Would be nice if the county got the funds – remove a drug infested nest and receive funding as well! Win, Win!

    Starting the civil forfeiture process on drug houses, motels, and property being used to manufacture or grow illegal drugs would certainly put the fear in many of these criminals, particularly when they are tossed out on the street and/or go to prison as an added benefit.

    (Report comment)

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