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Commissioner denies domestic violence charge

Published 12:40pm Thursday, January 17, 2013

Felony count dismissed


Lawrence County Commissioner Les Boggs denied a domestic violence charge involving his wife Thursday during a brief appearance in Ironton Municipal Court.

Judge Richard Schisler was brought in from Scioto County to arraign Boggs and preside over the case after Municipal Judge O. Clark Collins recused himself.

The commissioner pleaded not guilty through his attorney, Scott Evans.

The special prosecutor, Ironton-based attorney William Kennedy, said the third-degree felony charge of disrupting public service was dismissed at the request of Boggs’ wife.

Schisler continued bond as well as a temporary protection order.

According to Kennedy, the protection order prohibits Boggs and his wife from residing together.

Schisler set a pretrial in the case for 10 a.m. Feb. 21.

Boggs, 51, was charged with the first-degree misdemeanor crime after he was arrested at his home Monday by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the sheriff’s report, filed by deputies John Chapman and Tony Williams, the domestic violence charge stems from a 911 call from Boggs’ home off County Road 181 (Hog Run Road) just outside of Ironton at approximately 4:20 p.m. Monday.

According to the report, Tara Boggs came home and walked in front of the commissioner while he was playing a video game.

“He told her to move and they exchanged some words and she went upstairs,” the report states. “He followed yelling at her. … She states during this time he became violent and grabbed and pulled the back of her hair.”

Tara Boggs then pulled a cell phone out of her purse. Boggs took the phone away from her and left their home, according to the report. That led to the felony charge.

“She states she fears for her safety and this isn’t the first time he has touched her,” the report stated. “She also states she has given her attorney pictures of physical abuse to her person for pending divorce.”

Chapman reported that were no signs of physical struggle and that Tara Boggs did not receive any injuries during the alleged incident.

Les Boggs, through his attorney, and Tara Boggs have both declined to comment on the situation.

Les Boggs filed for divorce in October and the case remains ongoing in Lawrence County court.

He was booked at 6:04 p.m. in the county jail and was released about a half hour later after posting a $1,000 bond through Soward’s Bonding of Chesapeake.

Boggs was elected to the commission in 2008 and just began his second four-year term on Jan 1. He served as commission president for two years, with the last term ending earlier Monday when Bill Pratt was appointed to that spot.

Prior to joining the commission, Boggs served as the county’s clerk of courts for four years and on the Dawson-Bryant Board of Education.

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  • Poor Richard

    Isn’t the commissioner also a preacher? Does this violence have to do with infidelity or some other issue?
    Integrity is the difference between what a man says he will do and what he actually does. If he cannot keep promises and vows to his family and God, he certainly will not be able to keep promises to the citizens that elected him.

    (Report comment)

  • Dave1967

    The special prosecutor, Ironton-based attorney William Kennedy, said the third-degree felony charge of disrupting public service was dismissed at the request of Boggs’ wife. I dont think it’s up to the victim to dismiss ANY felony, let alone a 3rd degree felony. I shouldn’t be surprised that if it was anyone else it would be a mandatory year in the state facilities at the very least. This is hilarious how they construe the law to thier liking. Almost illegal even.

    (Report comment)

  • birdie05

    Some people love to comment on things they don’t have all the facts about. And most people love to spread gossip as long as its not about themselves.

    (Report comment)

    • Digi

      And everyone has family and friends that will defend them no matter what they have done even when it’s right in front of them. And that’s totally understood, but not called gossip, people here are commenting on the article I see no one spreading rumors or gossip.

      (Report comment)

  • jloper

    OMG!!! Mrs Boggs I pray for your safety. He has been violent to you, he won’t stop, I don’t know you but I hope you will give this some more thought and saek protection from your husband. trust me, I have been in your situation, and life doesn’t get better.

    (Report comment)

  • 1 Concerned Citizen

    LMAO, Mr Kennedy has never been much of an attorney let alone a prosecutor. Looks like they wanted a Prosecutor that would rule the way they want him to. And anyone knows that women hide abusive husbands. The last thing a women wants is to be known to stay with a woman beater.

    (Report comment)

  • swampcreature

    Good to see the justice system in Lawrence County living up to the public’s low expectations!

    How old is Mr. Kennedy? How many years ago was it when he worked as a prosecutor? How much has society’s view of domestic charges changed since that time?

    Prosecutor works for the public, not the accused’s wife. What she wants is irrelevant to the case. If the charge has merit, then it should be pursued to the fullest.

    Now that the felony charge has quickly vanished, you have to wonder how long before the rest of this case ends up being scrapped.

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    • dublindon

      He’ll get off. they always do.Domestic or dui they always do.I used to be proud to be from Ironton.Not so much anymore.

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    • Digi

      The wife should have no say at all in the charges after the fact. Especially if it’s a felony charge but then again it’s the good old boy representation that we’re looking at here. The one the young Anderson was talking about doing away with that reputation, yea right that will never happen in this county!

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