News of Record — 1/18/13

Published 9:03am Friday, January 18, 2013


• Advantage Bank vs. Allison Layman, et al, $75,969 plus interest and other costs.

• Wells Fargo Bank vs. Daniel Williams, et al, foreclosure.

• PNC Bank vs. Cathy Monnig, et al, foreclosure.

• Richard McMillian vs. Ashley Nicole McMillian, stalking

• Viola Harless vs. Jan Katis and Susan Vanderberg, compensation for injuries, costs and other relief.

• Luanne Bartram vs. Roy Ison, domestic violence

• ACM Browncroft Trust vs. Jon Light, et al, $48,279 plus other relief.

• Nationwide Mutual Co. vs. Patricia Ann Walker, $18,348 plus other relief.

• Ally Financial Inc., vs. Mary Beth Baker and Mark Baker, $9,407 plus interest and other relief.

• JP Morgan Chase Bank vs. Robin Schneider, foreclosure.

• Sherry McClellan vs. Cecil McClellan, domestic violence.

• Joni Kimball vs. Michael Johnson, stalking.

• Nationwide Mtg., vs. George Long, foreclosure.

• Valerie Morris vs. Michael Morris, register foreign support.

• Citibank vs. Andrew Layne, $15,180 plus interest and costs.

• Brenda Rogers vs. Mortgage Management Inc., worker’s compensation.



• Elisha Zornes vs. Zackery Zornes

• Clara Bruce vs. James Bruce

• Candy Stephens vs. Robert Stephens

• Rachelle Waggoner vs. Jeff Waggoner

• Erin Kelly vs. Patrick Houseplan

• Amanda Johnson vs. William Johnson

• Sharon McKenzie vs. William McKenzie


Land transfers

• Bernard and Juanita Nance to Thomas Pheiffer, Coal Grove, $65,000

• Michael Lawless, et al, to Joseph Waller, Coal Grove, $73,500

• Riley Development Co., to Charles Webb Jr. and Carol, Proctorville, $177,000

• Jeffrey and Kimberly Christian to Cornelius and Donna Lawson, South Point, $100,000.

• Rebecca Sheets to John Jones, Ironton, $94,000

• Scott and Kiley Marshall to Charles and Linda Worrell, Chesapeake, $28,913

• Brian Kincaid, et al, to Renee Music, South Point, $108,000

• Vicki Simpson to Jeffrey and Kimberly Fout, Ironton, $5,000

• Jerry and Lisa Thompson to Nathan and Heather Clark, South Point, $36,500

• Alma Sammons to Billy Jones, Proctorville, $22,000

• Brett and Donna Brooks to Stetson Myers, Chesapeake, $151,500

• William Rath, et al, to Brad Washburn, Ironton, $45,000

• Frank and Anna Slone to Richard Smith, et al, Chesapeake, $230,000

• Alan and Susan Mannon to D.C. and Shelia Allen, Proctorville, $18,000

• Cranberry Company to Tim and Mark Ansell, Proctorville, $16,000

• Mark and Vanessa Barker to Gabrielle Meadows, South Point, $140,000

• Donald and Tanika Justice to Stephen Thacker, South Point, $83,523


Marriage Licenses

• Cameron Lee Jones and Stella Randy Marie Jane Coleman, both of Lawrence County.

• Sherman Kabe Dowden and Greta Leah Bundy, both of Lawrence County.

• Matthew Cowen Hale, of Cabell County, W.Va., and Amanda Dale Gardner, of Wayne County, W.Va.

• Richard Blake Price and Susan Elaine Price, both of Lawrence County.

• John Edward Womack and Gayle Marie Oty, both of Lawrence County.

• Kevin Michael Fitzpatrick and Lisa Michelle Johnson, both of Lawrence County.


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