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Open house to show plans for possible senior complex

Published 9:24am Wednesday, January 23, 2013

ROME TOWNSHIP — Pirhl Developers from Cleveland will present a proposed plan for an assisted living complex for senior citizens at an open house Thursday at the St. Mary’s Medical Center modular clinics across from Fairland East Elementary School.

The tentative plans are to build a complex with 40 to 50 units on a site by the school. The project, which is being touted as affordable senior housing, is expected to cost $8 million and would be in partnership with the Ironton-Lawrence County Community Action Organization.

Also part of the project would be a senior center.

“Where we could do meals,” Ralph Kline of the CAO said. “There will be the plans with how the project will tie in with the medical campus and the site. There will be photos of other products (by the developers) and what a typical unit would look like.”

Recently the CAO went to the Lawrence County Commissioners to get their commitment to put $100,000 from Community Block Development Grant funds to help with sewer line expansion for the senior project and possibly other housing projects in the eastern end.

The commissioners are expected to make that support formal at their meeting at 9:30 a.m. Thursday.

The open house will run from 2 to 6 p.m. and Kline is hoping to get input from potential tenants from the area.

“What people like as far as amenities,” he said. “Do you like two-bedroom versus one-bedroom? Where people can look at the plans and it will give us the ability to talk to the trustees as far as site ingress and egress and providing services.”

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  • Poor Richard

    Well, as I remember, this property and project is owned by an already wealthy Lawrence County resident(s). Didn’t this originate with a big marina pipe dream they also wanted us to pay for and now we’ve moved out of the flood plain and have another grand idea to get state and federal money as a senior project. I guess yanking barges out of the water somehow qualifies them to take care of senior citizens.

    Of the $8 million, how much state/federal funds is the CAO shelling out to build this for a wealthy developer? Why can’t the owner(s) pay his own sewer and building costs?

    How many other wealthy business owners in the county is the CAO and commissioners getting funding for? The IT needs to list each and every name involved with this project and explain the $8 million.

    What’s in it for the CAO, they don’t do anything unless there is a profit attached. Have you people returned those solid waste vehicles yet?

    Why are community block grant funds being used to pay for a project for a wealthy Lawrence County citizen? Why isn’t he paying for his own sewer?

    I would like to build a new contractor building, how about funding it, commissioners and CAO?

    (Report comment)

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