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Appraisers to start update of property evaluations

Published 12:46am Sunday, February 3, 2013

Appraisers are getting ready to start the triennial statistical evaluation of property in Lawrence County.

This happens every three years after the physical appraisal that is done every six years. The last time the triennial was conducted was in 2007 for taxes to be paid in 2008.

“You look at the sales in the neighborhood of similar homes or in the county to see what we have on the auditor’s book,” Lawrence County Auditor Jason Stephens said. “You apply that analysis across the whole county.”

The statistical appraisal is done under the auspices of the Ohio Department of Taxation.

“They have to agree to it,” Stephens said. “It is nothing that we arbitrarily do. We have appraisers who we contract with. It is pretty detailed.”

The last physical appraisal, conducted in 2010 for taxes payable in 2011 on 55,389 parcels, was $870,047,530, compared with the earlier triennial of $789,640,280 that was used for the 2008 tax bills. That was an increase in the valuations of 10.18 percent over the earlier triennial update.

“As we go through the year by September and October we will have good idea of where we are going to be,” Stephens said. “The real estate market can be a lot healthier in one part of the county and not in another part of the county.”

A representative from Appraisals Research Corp. out of Findlay will meet with the auditor’s office on Feb. 13 to start putting together a plan for the upcoming appraisal.




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  • Shooter1

    Thanks for the info Jason, keep up the good work. Your a class act.

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  • Poor Richard

    Oh, I should probably point out too for the river properties that since those properties date back to the 1800s and before and the river level was much different back then than it is today, that the property owners are now paying property taxes on land owned by West Virginia or Kentucky. Since West Virginia and KY claim the Ohio River to the shoreline, and that shoreline has changed since the construction of the locks and dams, Ohioans are paying property taxes to Ohio on land which actually belongs to another state. Not only that but the Ohio property owners were not compensated for that loss. Fraud or oversight?

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  • Shooter1

    Can you explain the process of getting a disability reduction in property taxes. Thanks.

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    • Jason C. Stephens

      Go to the Auditor’s website (I cant post a link but I think you will figure this one out) wwwDOTlawrencecountyauditorDOTorg

      Click on the FORMS tab and click on “Certificate of Disability for the Homestead Exemption”

      Print that form out, fill it out, and mail it or bring it into the office along with the documentation of the disability (usally a copy of your determination letter or something that proves disability)

      If you have any questions about the process, feel free to call 740-533-4310.

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    • Jason C. Stephens

      There is also a form called the Homestead Exemption Application Form that is on the same page of the website that can be downloaded and printed out from home. Filling out this form applies for the Homestead Exemption for Disabled Persons or Homeowners over the age of 65.

      It is a nice reduction, and it is relatively easy to apply for. I will try to give a more thorough description of the Homestead Exemption in the paper soon.

      Thanks for the question, Shooter1. Always glad to see you kickin’ :)

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  • bigkahuna

    Poor Richard,The ball is in your court.

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  • Jason C. Stephens

    These types of questions are one of the reasons I placed the “Report a Discrepancy” tab on each parcel on my website last year. Anyone can anonymously report any problems found with a parcel, and we will promptly double check it, making changes if necessary.
    It has been an effective tool to improve the accuracy of the tax duplicate. Keep in mind that we have over 55,000 parcels in our county, so that makes it extremely difficult to keep up with every change on every parcel. I appreciate the public’s help in making sure we improve our accuracy on the tax duplicate.
    Like you, it is my goal to have the most accurate records as possible in the Auditor’s Office. In the case with questions about property, I am pleased to have offered this technology to empower people to help improve the accuracy of the records.
    Thank you for your concern,
    Jason C. Stephens
    Lawrence County Auditor

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  • Poor Richard

    What I find extremely surprising are the number of mistakes on how property is coded. If the appraisers did their jobs, why do I see buildings and businesses on property that is coded as ‘vacant non-residential’. Why are some properties in Ironton subdivisions receiving ‘state exemptions’? Why are properties listed as CAUV that have homes on them receiving that status?

    I don’t know what is going on in this county but I can look on the auditor’s website anytime and find mistake after mistake.

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