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Burglary charges on county court docket

Published 12:44am Sunday, February 3, 2013

Two men answered burglary-related charges Wednesday in Lawrence County Common Pleas Court.

Bill Goody, 24, and Donald Goody, 49, both of 4113 County Road 128, South Point, were arraigned separately for second-degree complicity to burglary, which carries a sentence of up to eight years in prison. Each pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Judge D. Scott Bowling continued bond from a lower court and added a $10,000 own-recognizance bond. Both men will return to court for pretrials on Feb. 20.

In other cases:

• William Roy, 42, of 1299 County Road 1, South Point, was arraigned on a charge of fifth-degree obstruction of justice, to which he pleaded not guilty.

Bowling continued bond from a lower court plus a $25,000 OR bond and set a pretrial for Feb. 13.

• Ruby Stubbs, 44, of 3409 Route 75, Huntington, W.Va., was arraigned on a charge of fifth-degree possession of drugs (oxycodone). The woman pleaded not guilty.

Bowling continued bond from a lower court and added a $10,000 OR bond. Stubbs will have a pretrial on Feb. 20.

• Charles Johnson II, 23, of 56 County Road 57, South Point, was arraigned on a bill of information of fifth-degree theft.

Johnson pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 11 months in prison with a judicial release to the STAR Community Justice Center as soon as space is available. Bowling also sentenced the man to four years community control sanctions under intensive supervised probation, 200 hours of community service and restitution not to exceed $1,400.

• Jamie Adkins, 23, of 1260 County Road 411, Proctorville, admitted CCS violations.

According to the adult probation department, Adkins tested positive for drugs, attempted to flee from officers and in the process injured herself. Adkins also left the hospital where she was being treated for her injuries against medical advice.

Bowling sentenced the woman to 21 months in prison with judicial release possible after eight months.

• Joseph Profitt, 45, of 79 Township Road 1339, South Point, admitted CCS violations.

According to the adult probation department, Profitt was convicted of a new crime in West Virginia and also failed to continue making restitution payments.

Bowling extended the man’s CCS commitment another year and ordered him to resume monthly payments.

• Jonlee Boggs, 29, of 253 Township Road 1430 Apt. 6, South Point, pleaded guilty to a fifth-degree count of receiving stolen property. The charge was amended from a charge of breaking and entering.

Bowling sentenced Boggs to four years CCS/ISP, 200 hours community service, STAR and $390 in restitution.

  • neighbor

    Just a little FYI if you don’t know the story, you really should NOT print it! Billy Goody and Donald Goody are NOT brothers. Not to mention they are not guilty either, if Lawrence county’s finest would have done their job right the night this happened, they would have found that they(Billy nor Donald) were not around that area when the incident happened, but Lawrence County’s finest did not check their aliby nor listen to the chick that said multiple times that she had done this on her own, Go figure, you would think as crowded as the jail is, they would do their job a little better, unless they are in a money maker with the jail, the more they bring in, the more they get from bail bondsman, and the not guilty, just lose their money, that is more up the alley for LC. just sayin: one frustrated momma

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