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Community appreciates using Ironton track

Published 10:06am Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I am one of many Ironton residents who really miss being able to walk on the high school track. It has been locked up since last fall, when the resurfacing project began.

The gate was unlocked for a few days last month and the walkers were back. We can attest that the new surface is wonderful, especially for older walkers and joggers in need of low-impact exercise.

When the gates were locked again, I called the athletic department at the high school. I was told that work on the track wasn’t quite finished and that people riding bicycles and pushing strollers had been observed, activities that damage the costly improvements that have been made.

I certainly understand the point; I’ve seen strollers and bicycles on the track many times. It makes sense to want to protect a costly investment in a facility in which we all feel a great deal of pride.

It’s unfortunate that the careless behavior of a few people must result in the loss of something so important to so many. I walk on sidewalks and streets now, as do many of the people I used to see regularly at the track.

Ironton sidewalks are crumbling and uneven, and our streets are full of holes, treacherous surfaces for residents who are determined to exercise outdoors every day.

It would be great if some accommodation could be made for people who need a safe place to walk or jog outdoors, and who are willing to abide by the rules.

Those daily laps around the track were extremely important to the health and well-being of quite a few Irontonians.

Abby Fowler Ironton


  • Ironton Cares

    Being an Ironton Resident and graduate I think its a shame that our tax dollars paid for new schools but we aren’t allowed to walk on the track that we helped pay for? It is much safer and not having to fall in holes and cracks on the Ironton streets and so much nicer. Next time maybe voters will think twice to vote for anything like that, I did the first time but I lost.

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  • mikehaney

    As a member of “The Lawrence County Fish and Game Protective Association” ever since I can remember, I do not want to have to be surprised, while on a walk on a SUNNY SUNDAY morning by a fool with a shotgun,sitting in a blind in the picnic area next to the playground.
    If I had had my grand kids stay over and they went to the playground on their own in this situation and something happened, I would own the Lake, and will hold the board and all members accountable.
    20 years ago I had a rifle slug whistle past my head while walking in the swimming area with my children that came from ILLEGAL(check your hunting guide) target practice in Wayne National forest. Couple years ago had a round close to cabin and had to round up grand kids to go inside and called sheriff. Deputy went to talk to the shooter off lake grounds.
    LAWCO is a great place for hunting cabins for hunting OFF lake grounds. I have hunted in the past myself. As a veteran, whose fired,m14,m16,44 magnums,357 magnums,410 shotguns,12 gauge shotguns,45,m60 machine gun and 50 caliber and supporter of NRA. I have no problem with guns; “till they are handled irresponsibly” and Off lake grounds.
    Your comment, standing in front of the ‘fool with the shotgun means that possibly he was a fool with a shotgun? Maaybe.
    As far as your bucket of geese waste, may I make a suggestion.

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  • rambo

    Oh come on Vmmckee you know anyone with a gun is considered armed and dangerous. Just look at the laws coming from this so called liberal gov’t. Funny they all have armed and dangerous people to protect them. They don’t want the average joe to have the same protection.

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  • rambo

    Good point Mr Haney but then again you know that is too simple and in this area simple is not an option.

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  • mikehaney

    A pedestrian entrance is all that is needed, with a small friendly sign stating, “no bicycles or strollers, please”.
    Wasn’t there a park and swimming pool somewhere?
    At least in Ironton you don’t have a fool walking around with a shotgun like we do here at Lawco Lake.

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    • vmmckee

      As a board member at Lawco, I feel it is necessary to respond. Mike knows the ‘fool with a shotgun’ was registered, had a valid goose permit issued by the State of Ohio and had the permission of the board to eradicate geese. This event only occurs once a year and was perfectly legal. These geese are a major health hazard as they force us to clean up after them around the playground, common areas and our floats in the swimming area. There are times when it is impossible to move around the water’s edge without encountering a goose mess. If Mike would like to volunteer to help rather than complain about this situation, we will supply a five gallon bucket for his daily use. Also, attempting to block this event by standing in front of the ‘fool with the shotgun’ sounds like a very bad idea.

      Just my two cents worth.

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