Audrey Clark, in her pajamas, gives a scary cat face during Dr. Seuss Day at Fairland East Elementary.
Audrey Clark, in her pajamas, gives a scary cat face during Dr. Seuss Day at Fairland East Elementary.

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Seuss-ing Around

Published 12:04am Sunday, March 3, 2013

PROCTORVILLE — Lilly Bowman literally couldn’t keep from jumping up and down in her Strawberry Shortcake pajamas at the thought of having her face painted like the Cat in the Hat.

The rest of Lilly’s kindergarten classmates at Fairland East Elementary School were equally as excited, barely able to contain themselves at their desks.

Fairland High students painted colorful noses and whiskers on the children’s faces, just one of the many activities the entire school participated in to celebrate Dr. Seuss Day Friday.

From the moment the children arrived at school, their world was immersed in Seuss. The Cat in the Hat greeted the students before they dined on a breakfast of, what else? Green eggs and ham.

Students wore their pajamas to school to celebrate this year’s theme of the “Sleep Book,” one of Seuss’ classics about a world of sleepyheads. Chris Sanders, lead technologist from the Holzer Sleep Lab, also gave the children fun facts about the importance of sleep.

The cafeteria tables were decorated like beds and paper Z’s lined the walls.

The parent teacher organization made a bag of “sweet dreams” for each child, containing pillowy marshmallows.

High school students, all student council representatives or National Honor Society members, read Dr. Seuss classics and played games with the children.

Each grade also made paper quilts depicting bedtime rituals, dreams and bedtime stories.

Angie Wireman, K-8 librarian, has organized Dr. Seuss Day with the help of the PTO for about seven years. She said the children are always excited to celebrate the special day, and so are the older students who assist.

“The high school students have just as much fun as the little ones,” Wireman said.

Marc Bittner, a senior and student council member, painted faces in Bridget Johnston’s kindergarten class. Last year, Bittner said he assisted with second graders and was a little apprehensive to work with the youngest in the school.

“This year it turned out really good,” Bittner said. “They seemed like they really enjoyed it.”

Bittner said Seuss was a magnificent writer and the special day devoted to him shows children just how important reading is.

Amber Pappas, a senior and NHS member, had become a celebrity of sorts by the end of the day. Pappas was chosen to dress as the Cat in the Hat.

“I have had the best time,” she said. “It was so much fun getting hugs and giving hugs.”


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