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Lessons go beyond classroom

Published 9:21am Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lawrence County’s school districts are working to help all students succeed in the classroom but also to understand how they can impact the world around them.

Two perfect examples came last week with the Dawson-Bryant Elementary Math-A-Thon and the Burlington Elementary “Jump Rope For Heart” event. Each of these allowed students to participate in something positive — sharpening their math skills and a constructive way of getting involved in physical activity, respectively — yet also raise money for two worthy causes.

The Burlington event helped raise funds for the American Heart Association and has already generated more than $4,500 in the month-long event.

The Dawson-Bryant Math-A-Thon helped raise more than $3,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The financial benefit for these organizations is real but far greater is the positive message it sends to the students when it comes to being involved and making the world better place.

Every school district in Lawrence County offers events like these throughout the year and the entire community should be thankful for this.

Our students are better for it and our world is better for it.

  • rambo

    Kudos to Dawson Bryant for helping out a great cause! Keep up the great work!

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  • Poor Richard

    Anytime children learn to be involved in their community, it is a good thing. Education does come from participation and going above and beyond. I commend the teachers that have taken this extra step in their students learning.

    What concerns me greatly are the children in this area that are not receiving an adequate education or adequate care. Many, many are low income living in squalor – mainly garbage infested rental properties. The failure to educate comes partly from the parents and partly from the schools. Let’s face it, low income entitlement children are the product of parents who are trying to do nothing more than to get more money from the welfare system – more children equals more money. It’s pathetic really that generation after generation has been permitted to get away with this scenario. Society ends up with children that in many instances the parents don’t really want, who are not cared for properly, children that no one takes an interest in and who have no future. The parents were these same children at one time and they have done nothing more with their lives than to repeat the cycle with our government handouts continuing. Most of these children are malnourished and not cared for because their parents spend all their entitlement money on drugs or non-necessary junk. Until citizens and the government stop this incessant cycle, it is not going to improve. Schools in southern Ohio have become the only decent meal in the day for many children, they are the babysitters for parents who do not care about their children or education, and quite frankly, it is not the job of schools to raise the children for incompetent parents. So, for me, I would like to hear solutions, I would like to know who the folks are in the state working to resolve these issues.

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