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Transportation key to moving region forward

Published 10:39am Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The fact that the Tri-State has received the federal designation as a transportation management area (TMA) may sound like semantics or typical governmental alphabet soup, but it is actually a very important distinction.

This designation, which comes from updated census data, could be just another tool in the development of the Tri-State and provide the infrastructure needed to grow our entire region.

Not only could it open Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia to more federal funding on transportation projects, it also will help facilitate all three states coming together to develop a comprehensive plan that benefits the entire region instead of a singular focus that is often redundant or less efficient.

Projects like this seem to wax and wane in terms of community engagement, but we hope that local leaders use this as a foundation to build sustainable partnerships that look at transportation for the entire area as if there were no borders.

Rail and highway access are key components to economic development and this transportation designation could certainly pave the way, no pun intended, to a brighter future for the entire region.



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  • mikehaney

    Chesapeake and Portsmouth by pass would be good for starters and I feel that our gov’t in Columbus has let us down in that respect.
    Next, how do we lure industry and shoppers from the Huntington and Ashland areas where the population is much more concentrated?
    Let’s face it, Huntington/Ashland has the hospitals,Marshall University,Marathon Oil,places to eat,movie theaters, shopping malls, to name a few.
    And thank goodness for Liebert.

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  • Poor Richard

    How many years has Ohio wasted on those other two states, mickakers? When you have three states wanting to be on top, all with their own self-serving agendas working toward ‘their own’ improvements rather than regional improvements, well, we have seen it time and again for years. A good example is the Chesapeake ByPass which was thought up many years ago by West Virginians to alleviate transportation issues for Huntington WV industrial plants, it never had one GD thing to do with Ohio — and ODOT knows it.

    Each state has their own laws, own regulations that do not cross borders. Heck, Ohioans were fighting with KY over a rock for gods sake, a freakin rock, and you want Ohio to work together with hillbillies worried about a rock?

    We are not all citizens of Appalachia, there are ‘hillbillies’ and there are ‘Appalachians’ and believe me, they are NOT THE SAME!

    I refuse to support any transportation projects that are meaningless and 98% of them are meaningless money pits — INCLUDING THE CHESAPEAKE BYPASS.

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  • rambo

    We would all hope that the these different states and counties could work together as it would benefit all as this area needs more transportation that is in place for all to use. My hope is that all can and will be willing to work together to form a tight bond to those in need of transportation from one area to another.

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  • mickakers

    Poor Richard; Your belief and comment about not being interested in working with WV and Ky is shortsighted. Teamwork is the key to accomplishment and success. My family is from W. Va. via Virginia. I have a daughter and her family living in Greenup County, Ky. I have a daughter and her family living in Lawrence County, Ohio, all are citizens of Appalachia, therefore having a common bond. By cooperating and working together, advancement and improvements can be had. Another term or word for “NOT INTERESTED” is apathy. Surely, you do not fall into this category?

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  • Poor Richard

    Blah, blah, blah. Heard it all before. NOT interested, I repeat, NOT INTERESTED in working with WV and KY. The only reason this area would be designated anything is if the feds have something to gain. My guess is it is transport from Norfolk VA to haul spent uranium to Piketon. Didn’t you know, Appalachians are ‘expendable’. Always remember – who benefits??

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