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Americans have to start seeking the truth

Published 9:49am Friday, March 8, 2013

The article Susan Brown wrote from a book called “The Naked Communist” is exactly where we are here in America today.

Journalism is dead when you always slant the truth for someone that is dead wrong. This has been happening and will continue.

If you read her article out of that book written in 1958, you will see that the Democrats have fulfilled the book to a “T”.

If you expect our country to return to its former glory days then the people will just have to open their eyes to the truth, we are headed in a path for certain destruction.

Our leaders in Washington, most of both parties are not for the country, but just to keep their job, they lie, take bribes, live for themselves and to hell with the right thing to do. They are spending our country into bankruptcy at a rapid pace.

We once lived on the gold standard. Now we live on the paper standard and are leaving our children and grandchildren debts that they had no part in spending.

If we survive the heavy debt they will have to pay heavy for it.

Read the book and you will see that it is the Democrats who do not want our Constitution to survive.

The government knows better how to raise our children, spend our money and not let us have free speech, and to tell us adults what is good for us, not what God’s word says as they don’t want God in their platform.

This was their 2012 platform that they ran on.

It’s time to open your eyes to the truth.

Homer Campbell




  • mickakers

    mikehaney; I have respect for Rand Paul. I was disappointed in John McCain’s response. I also have respect for Jane Fonda. Her courage and outspokenness is reminiscent of Dorothy Day

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  • mickakers

    Homer Campbell; I find you continual degradation of the Democratic Party a bit misplaced. The Democratic Party has been the spokesman and salvation of the middle class and those less privileged. The Republican Party has always represented the more affluent and privileged members of our society. Granted, the Democratic Party (the party of the people) has fallen on hard times, due to they’re support of the killing of the unborn and same sex marriage. The Democratic Party has sacrificed leadership and succumbed to be a servant to popular (misguided) opinion. Do you think the Republican Party has the moral fortitude to arise above they’re own self grandiose and find care and concern for the less fortunate members of our society? I found insight in your comment “Our leaders in Washington, most of both parties are not for the country, but just to keep their job, they lie, take bribes, live for themselves and to hell with the right thing to do.” May God Hold You In The Palm Of His Hand, Homer.

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  • mikehaney

    You may be interested to learn that I am a co-sponsor of H.R. 940, the Health Care Conscience Rights Act, which was introduced by Representative Diane Black (R-TN) on March 4, 201 3. This legislation would protect rights of conscience for health insurance provider s by providing a full exemption for all those whose religious beliefs run counter to the Administration’s HHS mandate.
    Representative Bill Johnson
    Rand Paul—just want an answer to;”will drones be allowed to take out US citizens on American soil”?—He finally got an answer.
    I am still annoyed by John McCain criticizing Rand Paul, and then brings up traitor Jane Fonda as enjoying her freedom of speech?
    Your right Homer, We’re in big trouble.

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  • Geronimo

    Homer and Rambo! Books (Other than text books)are most always the authors opinion, opinions (Including Yours and mine) are almost never backed by facts. I don’t care who you are , if you depend on a single political party as being the right one , telling the truth , and looking out for your interests , you’re probably brain washed. Democrats and Republicans or Independents that have reached a high office have lied cheated and most likely stolen. There are very few exceptions. Fox news misleads and lies , msn misleads and probably lies. You will not get the truth from any news organization on cable , they all have programs supported by advertizements. PBS is probably the most responsible one for reportinfg facts. Truth is never truth untill you can prove it with facts.

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  • rambo

    Welll Homer our standand in no longer the gold standard and most to that is to blame on our liberal media and this newpaper is difinely one of those. We do need to get back to where we were but don’t ever see that happining now that the liberals have control of the media like this paper and most of the the news media. If anyone watches Fox News they are labeled by the liberals as crazy or most of all as an inaccutate news broadcast like those liberal stationan are some how know all and nobody else knows anything. We all or most undrerstand what a complete farce this is. But bet there are liberals that willl try to discredit this as they do anyone that oppoese there self righieous point of view.

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